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How Can a VPN Assist You in Getting Access to Content from Other Countries?

Geo-Blocked Content and VPN

Have you ever seen the message “This content is unavailable in your country”? If yes, then you’ve faced a geographic block. While geo-blocking has some purposes, it often gets in the way of watching media content that we adore. But luckily, there is a great solution. Go on reading to learn what geo-blocking is and how can you solve the issue of unavailable content on the web with a VPN.

What Is Geo-Blocking 

Geo-blocking is the method of restricting access to online content based on your location. Media and streaming companies like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon use geo-blocking to comply with the copyright and licensing policies of countries.

Geographic restrictions are often applied by the state to block access to sites with activities illegal in this or that country. For example, online games or gambling are restricted in different countries. Geoblocks are also used by governments to block news websites they don’t want their citizens to visit.

How Geo-Blocking Works

To restrict your access to some resources companies track your IP address and establish your location. An IP address is usually assigned by the Internet Service Provider and can be analyzed by the site or service you visit. If your IP address is related to a country where this website should be restricted, geo-blocking is activated. Read on to find out how you can bypass these geographic restrictions and get access to any geo-blocked content wherever you are.

Benefits of Bypassing Geo-Blocking

Though geo-blocking can be frustrating, it is still legal. Geo-blocking based on IP addresses is a way to control legal contracts and copyright agreements, because broadcasting and distribution rights may vary from region to region.

While geo-blocking is legal, in many states, bypassing it is also legal. You can have different benefits while bypassing the restrictions: get the best prices in online stores, get access to blocked video or music content, or visit foreign news websites.

How to Bypass Geographic Restrictions

We have finally come to the most interesting part - the solution. If you want to access online content while traveling abroad or just want to watch US Netflix being overseas - Virtual Private Network (VPN) is your key.

A VPN service offers you the easiest way to bypass restrictions by hiding your actual IP address and substituting it with an IP in a location you choose. Reliable VPN providers have a decent amount of servers all over the globe. This allows you to pretend to be in a location to unblock content from that region.

To subscribe to the best VPN you have to check out all its pros and cons and then download the VPN app. The main criteria to choose are:

  • number of supported platforms
  • reliability of encryption protocols
  • variety of servers and locations
  • flexibility of pricing policies

Considering all the features of an ideal VPN service look for the best solution with a set of essential features that can be a real lifesaver in your everyday browsing. This service is supported by all the main platforms like iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows. You can also install a browser extension of the app, or set up on routers, Smart TVs, or gaming consoles.

Pay attention for top-notch security algorithms and provides its customers with more than 500 servers in 80+ locations around the world. The pricing policy also. You can get a plan according to your needs. Personal and family plans for one month, one year, and a lifetime are available. Compared to competitors VPN Unlimited is considered to be one of the most cost-efficient and reliable Lifetime VPN services.

No matter where you are – or what you might want to do online – a VPN is a unique and flexible service that will give you a lot more freedom. So, if you are sick of getting notifications that inform you that content is unavailable, consider getting a VPN to bypass the issue.

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