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How Voice Search Will Change Digital Marketing

The ways we search for information online are drastically transforming and so is digital marketing. It is time to optimize business platforms, websites, and interfaces if one wishes to stay in the race.

Since the past few years, voice search is reigning the virtual landscape.It is highly convenient to speak into your device and receive a response instead of manually typing queries. Forbes predicts that by 2020, about thirty percent of web sessions will take place without screen time.

With advancement in technology, the speech recognition feature in our devices is becoming even more precise and complex. Voice search is not an entirely new concept and has been introduced since some time. But it has achieved massive breakthroughs recently with voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.

Consequently, the majority of digital devices are now equipped with voice search. This means that enterprises also have to optimize their digital marketing strategies to keep up with this change.

The influence of voice search on digital marketing strategies

How does voice search affect your website drawing traffic organically? In what ways currently built websites can handle this evolving user behavior? We explore some key points here which can be leveraged in this game of voice search adoption.

1. Being on page one is not enough

It took marketers around twenty years to understand website optimization and what it meant in terms of search ranking. They figured out strategies on how a website could improve its ranks on search engine result pages.

The traditional way of optimization focuses on creating copy which persuades the user to click on the particular result. Alongside that it also leveraged the relevant keywords which matched the search queries being targeted. Just being visible on the first page of a search engine was success. Users will tend to scroll and glance at other options apart from the top result. However, voice search is gradually changing this scenario.

Users do not have to go through ten varying choices before selecting the best answer to their search. They rarely even have to select from two different options. More often the first result they get from voice search satisfies them. Otherwise, they change their query entirely. Lesson gained? It is no longer beneficial to be number three or even two among the rankings.

2. Rethinking and adapting content

It is understandable by now that with voice search reaching the audience has become increasingly challenging. It is necessary now more than ever to know what users are looking for and which source they are using. This is the key element which allows businesses to create content able to attract voice search traffic organically.

In order to be successful, it is important to know the difference between a spoken and typed search. In speech, we use longer statements and more words when compared to typing. Therefore, typed searches mostly consist of fragments instead of whole sentences. Screenless searches on the other hand tend to be in the form of lengthier queries.

When it comes to content creation, this factor demands for the incorporation of natural language patterns. This way it will be able to attract more voice search queries. Instead of focusing on web content which contains phrases or short keywords, web pages will integrate the longer searches. This can include strategies like adding complete sentences instead of specific keywords. Or including phrases in the headers to match the sequence of keywords in the search queries.

3. Local search and voice technology

The rapid rise of voice search also triggers the emergence of the “screenless internet”. In turn this leads to the creation of screenless apps. They are likely to appear as a major trend in the coming years. Currently, the perceptive marketing strategy is to improve the digital experience for users of smart assistants and speakers. Screenless can be particularly advantageous for the physical location of businesses. As voice searches are more likely based locally than text searches.

4. Growth of mobile friendly environment

Users are no longer tied to desktops to search for what they need. Hands-free accessories of mobile devices encourage the usage of voice search even more. Especially for users who have a busy schedule and are always on the move. Regardless of what you are doing, voice search on phones is a convenient option for daily tasks.

Hence, it is essential for enterprises and brands to create content and websites which are optimized for mobiles. It is the right time for companies to practice a mobile-first approach. This can set up any large or small business on the road to success and give it a competitive edge. Seventy percent of consumers will gravitate towards buying from a mobile-friendly website. For digital marketers of the future, it is highly important to optimize all interfaces, platforms, and websites for mobile.

5. More emphasis on local SEO

People are constantly using voice search to find things in their local area. Gas station near me? Top eateries in my area? These and similar queries are commonly being put through voice search. This opportunity should not be missed by retailers, boutiques, and small businesses. Creating an effective local SEO voice search strategy can drive greater traffic and improve sales rapidly.


Voice search opens up a world of opportunities for businesses to gain an upper hand in the market. Our dissertation writing services London can speak for that first-hand as we implement digital marketing strategies accordingly. In result we experienced success in leaps and bounds. Similarly, any organization can benefit by optimizing their operations to meet this rapidly advancing technology. It can a great tool in your arsenal to unhinge your competitors. All it takes is some foresight and an acute sense of your target audience and behaviors.

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