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Voice Over Videos Made Simple with AI Voices


A good voice over can help increase the impact of your video. It may seem like a daunting task to shoot a video and record a good voice over at the same time.However, it is not mandatory that record the voice during the video shooting. You can also record your video separate audio track, and then you can apply it to the video.

Now there is a lot of process of creating and editing a video with voice...

Process of making your voice over

Voice over is another art. But you may confuse that how that you can do it. So for the first time, you may feel this is very tricky. But if you know the detail of it and try once, then you can feel amazing with your voice over creation. So, let's look at a few points to keep in mind:

  • It is essential to make a script of your voice over, which will help you do work efficiently. For this, it is important to keep the tonality of the voice over in mind and keep the script consistent with it. The script should also be checked for any grammatical errors, which can cause an issue during the voice over making process.
  • Now it is time to film up your video. The video shoot typically requires a good quality camera setting, and may also need to be shot outdoors. But, it is not essential to record the audio when you were filming the video; you can do it later. Voice overs typically need a good recording equipment and a silent room to record.
  • You have two choices when it comes to creating a good voice over for your video:
    • You can record a separate audio track with your voice, and when you are editing video, you can add the audio track over your video, making a powerful video clip. To record a beautiful voice, you can also hire a voice actor. For this, you may use a good microphone to give an excellent quality of voice recording.
    • Or, you can use Al voice over to help you do this without the need for recording or editing any audio at all. Want to know how that works? It’s pretty simple. Once you have your script, you can just copy paste that script into a good AI voice over tool like Murf and generate a voice over simply from text in seconds. Choice of voices – Murf comes with 100+ voices across 15 languages and provides a wide variety when it comes to different use-cases. Choosing a voice that represents your product or brand best is crucial to the effectiveness of your video. In fact, one of the benefits of using an AI voice is that you can have a consistent voice and tonality across multiple videos and campaigns that you create for your product.
  • While adding the voice to your video here are some things to keep in mind:
    • Time syncing voice with video – It is important to time sync the voice over with your video properly to create a good voice over video.
    • Background music – Often times, background music sets the tone of the video. So, don’t forget to choose a good background track that sets the tone right for the video.
  • When you finish your recording, you mix it with your video, and for this, you need to use perfect software. Murf is one of the best voice over software since it not only helps you create voice overs without any need of recording, it also offers a full-suite of options for voice editing, time syncing, adding free background music as well as editing your recorded audio if you have already recorded one. You get all the options to create a high quality voice over video in no time.
  • Lastly, add any some kind of title to your video. Or you can also add text to speech in your video. So step by step, you can follow the instruction for sound output.

How do you know that when you need to voice over in your video?

Sometimes you need a piece of music over the video, or sometimes you need a clear and beautiful voice to make the video more attractive. Or you create your video for your client, and they demand a voice over. So for this, you may need to do this. If you make a lifestyle video and, at that time, describe your audience, you need to add your voice to make the video more understandable. So, based on the type of video you are making, you can add a certain kind of voice. Sometimes you have a lot of good footage, and you need to make the video clip with minimal voice over. At that time, you may add your voice. When you feel that your video footage misses some voice context, then you can add this separately. It will also help you. Adding voice can be a simple or complex process based on what is your requirement and there can be different reasons for making your video more beautiful.

From the details of this article, you would understand some basics and a new innovative technique for making a good voice over video. Suppose you want to do this, you can use MURF software to make professional sounding voice over for your video. To know more detail visit the site I mention in the article.

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