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Is Virtual Reality Going Mainstream In 2023?

Virtual Reality is ever seemingly about to break into the mainstream, will 2023 be the year that it finally makes the leap? There are certainly reasons to think that 2023 will be that year, with demand starting to emerge stronger in many industries.

The biggest players in Virtual Reality, like Meta, have been working hard to bring the format's mainstream acceptance and abilities closer and closer. Here we are going to look at what development like this means for VR and its ability to finally go mainstream in 2023.

Are Industries Embracing Virtual Reality Technology?

Different sectors and industries view the technology differently; there will always be front runners and those that are waiting for the technology to become more established before diving in. Some people in the gambling industry envisage a future in which players can enjoy the best casino sites with a fully immersive VR experience from the comfort of their living room. This attitude is typical of forward-thinking industries that can see the benefits in bringing their products closer than ever before to their customers. At the end of the day, customer feedback and ultimately willingness to interact using VR will determine if 2023 is the year Virtual Reality finally takes the long leap to become mainstream.

Meta - A Driving Force

With the release of the Meta Quest headset in 2020, virtual reality took a leap forward. The headset was affordable, completely self-contained and offered excellent VR experiences to more people than ever before. Meta has obviously planned their assault on VR very carefully; this stage of the release of a suitable, affordable VR headset is well-timed to enable future developments to find a home with as many people as possible.

This led Meta to make a start on their next project which would let users interact as virtual avatars living in their own digital environment. The idea is to enable friends to play games or watch videos together. Horizon Home as it was known, came to be seen as the start of the Metaverse and is one of the main hopes for VR in the future as it gains traction in its hopes to go mainstream.

Meta sees this as the beginning of something that will change the way we work and do business in the future. Meta hopes to bring its platform forward with virtual workspaces and meeting rooms. Even large-scale conference facilities are being developed. Meta hopes future employees will work and interact within the virtual spaces it creates. Other developments are anticipated to follow in 2023.

Display Technology

The cost of VR display technology is falling with an increase in quality. A problem that limits the time you can wear a VR headset because of its short focal distance is being addressed by Oculus with its eye-teaching feature that alters the focal point during use.

Of course, there are applications that use existing mobile phone technology, these applications are not held back by a lack of customer-owned VR equipment and are one to watch during 2023.

Data Transmission

VR requires a lot of data to be transmitted and received quickly. This has posed problems for mobile VR, and the best performance is still received through a fixed Wi-Fi connection. But the future is rapidly improving in this respect and 5G offers a solution that is becoming readily available worldwide, this development of the 5G network can only help VR in its quest to become mainstream in 2023.

Terrible Avatars

Cartoon avatars are not for everyone, a solution is being developed by Meta which will bring photographic realism to avatars of the future, possibly during 2023. An improvement in Avatars and helping ease the reluctance to interact socially over VR may be coming to an end with the development of technology with a wider range of customer acceptance.

Industry Acceptance

Many industries are currently developing applications for the technology. Notable sectors are education where the speed of learning can be improved and learning scenarios can be presented virtually to students. The entertainment industry is starting to see an increase in VR features, this is most notable in the gaming sector where the work started by Pokémon GO is being continued and expanded upon. Manufacturing doesn’t miss out either; the ability to superimpose instructions virtually in front of an operator while he is utilising production equipment is being introduced. Quality control is also receiving a boost from VR, production costs can be lowered by the careful introduction of VR and obviously, this area will continue to grow in 2023, although it is doing so hidden from general view.

With a look to industries that hope to bring their products closer to a customer and give them an immersive experience and the ones to watch for an increase in awareness from the public. The estate agents that market both private homes and commercial properties are taking a lead here with fully explorable building models rendered in 3D and virtual tours where prospective customers can view a property from anywhere they like by using a mobile phone or tablet.

The Future of Virtual Reality Technology

As can be seen, VR still has a number of obstacles to overcome yet, but solutions are being developed and 2023 has the potential to be the year VR breaks into the mainstream. The technology naturally splits between applications that require a dedicated VR headset and those that can be enjoyed on a smartphone or tablet.

Whilst we can’t say for sure what the future holds for virtual reality and its popularity, what we do know is that technology is always improving and therefore the capabilities are always expanding. It is this evolving technology that keeps virtual reality interesting and has helped it become more accessible to all. It is likely that this will continue throughout 2023 and beyond, although what that looks like will have to wait and be seen because no one can say where future technology is going to take us.

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