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8 Video Game Trends Streamlining Cybersecurity

Whether your second home is somewhere in virtual reality or you’re an expert on all things advanced and innovative, video games have taken the world by storm. Throughout recent years, the gaming industry has transformed and adapted to meet the demands of gamers across the globe. After all, billions of gamers have generated revenues in hundreds of billions of dollars for the gaming industry.

While it may seem tedious to constantly keep up with the changing video game trends, it can provide tons of pros to gamers who are looking to one-up their experiences. In the face of these new trends, it’s also important to improve your cyber safety to protect yourself from hackers and malware. 

Looking to learn more about video game trends and the newest cyber security trends? Here is a guide that will help you navigate your gameplay in the virtual world.

Cyber attacks and video games

Understanding how video games have developed into the worldwide phenomenon they are today will help you grasp the many online threats associated with them.

  • 1970s: The US released Computer Space, the first commercially available video game.
  • 2000s: The notable Microsoft Xbox sold millions of units and competed with the Playstation 2.
  • 2010s: Mobile gaming took off on cellular devices like Angry Birds and Pokémon Go. 

Video Game Trends

Embracing new formatting and technologies for upcoming gaming formats means being educated on possible cyber security threats. Here is a list of new establishments that will keep you protected and prepared so you can enjoy gaming!

Cloud computing: 

Gamers can play their favorite games without installing proper software or memory. Users can download antivirus software to keep them updated about potential cyber threats.

Mobile gaming: 

People turn to their mobile devices to engage with video games. Users can keep personally identifiable information private.


Streaming platforms allow gamers to watch other successful gamers engage with online content. Downloading antivirus software can alert users of dangerous links and websites.

Next-generation gaming consoles: 

Consoles are a huge part of a user’s gaming experience. Keeping your device’s software updated and security systems up to date will limit hackers from breaking into your system.

Augmented reality in gaming: 

Augmented reality (AR) makes your environment part of your virtual reality. Always keep personal information private to limit security breaches. 

Virtual reality:

(VR) in gaming when paired with AR immerses its users in a new place when they use headsets and gloves. Practicing password hygiene to ensure account safety will make hacking into your personal accounts more difficult. 

Metaverse gaming: 

Metaverse became mainstream after Facebook publicly changed its name to Meta and pledged large investments into the platform. It is a virtual 3-D world that focuses on social interactions between gamers. It is essential not to share private information with other gamers over the internet. 

Blockchain-based gaming

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have generated over 4.5 million dollars in revenue in 2021 alone. Blockchain technology allows players to transform collectible items in games like characters, tools, weapons, and more into NFTs. Look out for NFT scams, fake websites, and other airdrop scams. 

Cybersecurity tips

Here are some helpful tips that can ensure your security and safety while gaming online.

  • Regularly change passwords
  • Do not share confidential or private information on the internet
  • Look out for phishing scams
  • Avoid NFT scams
  • Download antivirus software

With video games on the constant rise, make sure that you prioritize cybersecurity as much as you prioritize enjoying the game. Regardless of whether you're an expert gamer or a newcomer, everyone can do things to protect themselves.

Video Game Trends
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