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How Does Video Animation Contribute to Marketing Success?

video animation

Video marketing, especially the use of animated videos, has been on the rise in the past few years. As video marketing continues to replace traditional marketing strategies, animation videos have emerged as the next frontier for digital content marketing. Numerous factors are attributable to the current wave of using animated videos for online marketing...

5 Reasons Why Video Animation Adverts are on the Rise

  1. Animation video adverts offer the best return on investments
    For many businesses, video animation advertisements promise the highest returns on their investments as compared to other digital marketing tools. According to a report from CopyPress, more than half of the marketing professionals recommend using animated videos for internet-based marketing. They all agree that animation videos offer the best returns on a firm's investment.
  2. Firms exploit the unlimited potential of animation videos
    When it comes to internet-based marketing, creativity can give a business an edge over its competitors. Many successful marketing professionals barely use traditional marketing tactics. They devise and use innovative and creative ways of passing information to the target clients. Animation videos offer the most significant potential in terms of creativity and innovation, thus attracting more professionals to use them. Developing animated videos offers sustainability and unlimited possibilities for digital marketing.
  3. Animation videos are catchy and enticing.
    Digital marketing requires the use of more marketing advertisements that potential clients will find attractive. Unlike the popular videos that may contain images of people that customers may find difficult to relate with, animated videos are catchy. They help attract and keep a viewer's attention. As such, more businesses are adopting this kind of internet-based marketing.
  4. They simplify complex topics.
    One major desire for online marketers is simplifying the information they want to pass to their target audience without distorting it. Animation videos provide precise and simplified information without distortion, which explains why many people are adopting them. A simple animated video can pass complex information to a customer in its purest form, thus making it a highly effective marketing tool.
  5. Animated videos are mobile-friendly
    With the digital world changing fast, most businesses' only option is to play catch-up. Unlike at the onset of the 21st century when many people accessed the internet through the desktop, more than 70 percent of internet access is currently through mobile phones. Many businesses are developing mobile-friendly websites and marketing strategies. With animation videos being mobile-friendly, many firms are using them to increase their market penetration.

How to get online marketing tools for less

Some of the ways you can acquire marketing tools cheaply are to:

  • Utilize voucher codes
    The best way to get web marketing tools at a bargain is to work with those that offer voucher codes. These codes are designed to ensure that users enjoy great deals every time they place an order.

    If you're looking for the best coupons and discounts, then is a great website to visit. It's one of the safest sites out there and people tend to like it.

    If a tool gives you the option to use a coupon code, be sure to use it in order to enjoy the discount that comes with it. A little bit of market research can help unearth the tools that come with great deals. Although many businesses consider working with famous brands, doing your research allows you to work with new or unknown brands for less. All you need to do is ensure you review numerous internet-based marketing tools and compare their pricing against the quality of their services.

  • Use the free trial option.
    If you want to subscribe to an internet-based marketing tool that offers a free trial option, use the free trial first. Although many people choose to ignore the free trial option, it could end up saving you a few bucks. Working with numerous tools that offer free trial plans allows you to work with great brands for less.
  • Look out for coupon deals.
    Some internet-based marketing tools offer coupon deals to new or loyal customers, which can help you save some cash. If you are new to an online tool, always inquire about promotional coupon deals such as from that could help you save money. Moreover, pick internet-based marketing tools that allow you to use a coupon code.

5 Examples of online tools for animation videos

Some of the examples of online tools you can use to create animation videos are:

  1. Renderforest
    Renderforest is a top animation tool that you should consider using. With its flexibility, you can use it to create explainer videos, fun animations, promotional content, and many more. It can help you create 3D videos, CG realistic or 2D animations. It comes with over 200 video templates that you can utilize. It is available in three pricing plans: Free, $9.99/month, $24.99/month, and others.
  2. Moovly
    Unlike most online animation tools, this application can be integrated with over 175 million digital assets on Shutterstock. Users can directly share their videos on YouTube, and it offers the option of drag and drop. From it, you will get numerous video templates that you can utilize. Moreover, it offers over 175 million video clips, pictures, music, and sound effects that you can integrate into your videos.
  3. Wideo
    If you are a new to animation videos and want a tool to start with, consider this application. It makes it easy to create 2D videos, edit them, and share them conveniently for marketing or educational purposes. It comes with over 80 templates that you can customize to make your animated videos. It also offers a drag and drop option.
  4. Blender
    This open-source animation tool is free to use and comes with a 3D creation suite. It offers features like rigging, rendering, animation, modeling, motion tracking and composition, simulation, game creation and video editing services. It also supports 3D painting hence presenting you with a lot of flexibility and convenience.
  5. Animaker
    This tool allows you to make 2D and 2.5D animation videos, infographics, handcraft, whiteboard animation, and typography. Although it does not offer many features, the tool is user friendly, hence ideal for newbies.

With the effectiveness of traditional marketing dwindling and the popularity of video skyrocketing, video marketing has become a must-have for every business. Check out Video Marketing: The Only Guide You'll Ever Need.

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