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Ready for a Vacation? Use These Tech Tips to
Make It a Memorable One

Normally, people travel to unwind, take a break from technology and have a memorable time. But what if I tell you, you can plan a great vacation using technology? Chances are you know all the right tricks already, but to make sure you have a great time from the day you leave to the day you return home, here are ways you can use technology to plan your vacation. 

10 Tips for Tapping into Technology for Planning Your Vacation

1: Turn On Data Roaming

No brainer, you would be missing out on so much fun if your phone’s data roaming isn’t on. Plus, it's not recommended to connect your phone to public Wi-Fi networks because of security implications. Cox bundles and other mobile data plans that work in the USA may not be available in the country you’re planning to visit. Call your provider to learn more about their data roaming features and plans.

If the data roaming option is not available, then you will have to buy a temporary number to stay connected with your loved ones and to have a working internet connection throughout your trip.

2: Search for Cheap Flight Deals

To find affordable flight deals, use sites like Skyscanner or Kayak. For a simplified search, use Discover destination search by Google. It allows you to narrow the search results based on certain filters. You can actually figure out how much it will cost of flying from your home airport to the destination. It will also show the length of travel involved.

You can also set your budget and see what options are available and go from there. Some sites let you sign up for a free newsletter and get inside access to cheap flights. Don’t just consider the price of the flight in your trip’s budget. A flight to Thailand is expensive but once you arrive, things to do are so much cheap because of the cost of living. Similarly, a ticket to Iceland is cheap but things to do there aren't. So, weigh these factors before committing to a destination.

3: Manage Your Itinerary like a Boss

Remember those days when we used to print our itineraries, buy maps and keep loose papers with us to plan our trip? And the frustration we had to go through when a page was lost? All of this has been replaced with technology.

It’s much easier to create and manage itineraries today. Apps like Google Trips or TripIt can make your life easier. These itinerary management apps use data like your flight dates, destination, and hotel and create a cohesive itinerary for you. This takes out the stress from the process and ends up creating a much-organized trip.

4: Download a Map App

Familiarizing yourself with a foreign location can allow you to enjoy the trip even more. Download the best GPS-equipped map on your phone to find nearby necessities like a supermarket, bus station, or Laundromat. Plus, you will always know how far away your hotel is.

Don’t just rely on Google Maps, use other apps too such as CityMaps2Go. It will show you a comprehensive list of eateries, tourist locations, and activities within a short distance of your location.

5: Explore Trusted Review Sites

Sometimes, we only have a short time in a destination. You wouldn’t want to become a victim of the common tourist traps. To have a good time, you must narrow down the best a city has to offer and there is no better way of doing that than checking review sites. TripAdvisor is a reliable place, to begin with. They have reviewed a variety of eateries, restaurants, film events, and music places. By reading the reviews, you should be able to find something that matches your personal taste.

6: Leverage the Power of Social Networks

Tap into social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp for getting recommendations from the people you trust. Reach out to friends who share the same interest and passions as you. A simple Facebook post can provide you so many recommendations. Or you can hold an open discussion with your friends via a WhatsApp group.

Your social circle can introduce you to sites you never knew exists. This will remove the work involved in searching for holiday activities.

7: Connect With the Locals in Their Language

You can’t always rely on the internet for finding the perfect meal or exploring a rare yet mesmerizing location. It is often the locals who know the best local cuisine or entertainment spot. Hence, it's best to interact with one, have a chat and maybe they would become your free tour guide!

Do they speak at a different location? No problem. Use Google Translate for communicating with a friendly local, hotel concierge, or even a tour guide. Download Google Translate and use it whenever you feel like it.

8: Check Groupon and Other Daily Deal Sites

Who doesn’t love a good old deal, right? These sites have something affordable for everyone. a wide variety of deals include leisurely entertainment, shopping destinations, and action-packed adventures. You might also find accommodation activity packages if you didn’t have the time to plan your trip.

9: Keep Tracking your Luggage

Imagine you have made it to your holiday destination and you end up losing your luggage. There is no way you would be enjoying your trip. In fact, you will spend your vacation searching for luggage.

To save yourself from this rage and anxiety, attach Bluetooth trackers to your luggage bags. You will always know where your luggage is. This technology will notify you of your luggage’s location in case it’s lost in transit.

10: Find Nearby ATMs

Big credit card companies like American Express, MasterCard, and Visa have apps that let you find a local ATM nearly and convert currencies. Whenever you run out of money, simply open the app and quickly find what you are searching for. No need to rely on Google maps for that. 

Before leaving, notify your banks if you plan on using your cards overseas to avoid unexpected lockouts.

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