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A Comprehensive Guide to the Pros and Cons of Using a Mobile Proxy for Mobile Web Browsing

Mobile proxies for web scraping are becoming increasingly popular as more people browse the web on their smartphones and tablets. Using mobile proxies has several advantages over traditional web proxies, including circumventing geo-restrictions and accessing content that would otherwise be blocked in your location. In addition, traditional web proxies are much easier to detect and block than mobile proxies.

A mobile proxy is an excellent tool for scraping data from websites. With a mobile proxy, you can circumvent any restrictions a website imposes and access the data you require, allowing you to conduct your scraping operations without fear of being detected.

Web Scraping

Mobile Web Browsing

The internet and websites provide a wealth of information. Users can access this information through simple methods such as copy-pasting. They can also use sophisticated tools in the form of software to extract the data. Thus, web scraping refers to any data extraction from websites using sophisticated or simple tools.

Nonetheless, although this information is widely available, large-scale harvesting is prohibited. Websites are designed to promote the products of the affiliate company. They are not a venue for parties seeking competitive intelligence.

Web developers include anti-scraping tools in this regard to prevent large-scale scraping attempts. Because of its popularity, IP address blacklisting has become synonymous with anti-scraping. After observing the volume of web requests originating from the IP address used for web scraping, the websites block the IP address to discourage the scraper from continuing with the data harvesting. Mobile proxies can help with this.

Benefits of Mobile Proxies

Mobile Web Browsing

There are numerous benefits to using a mobile proxy from a reputable provider like Net Nut. Browse without restrictions using these premium proxy services with competitive proxy prices.

1. Access to Localized Data

When you use a proxy, you change your IP address assigned to a specific geolocation. This help to access information specific to that market. If you only want deals in a specific area, you can change your IP address to that location and access localized content. It's also an excellent way for businesses to see what competitors in other areas are up to.

2. Managing Social Media

Proxies are your friends if you have multiple social media accounts, whether as a social media manager or an individual with multiple accounts. When a device is detected with too many social media accounts, it is frequently restricted. Instagram, for example, is fine with two to five accounts on a single device. If you have over five accounts on your device, it becomes unhappy and blocks you. One solution is to use a mobile proxy on your Android device. It configures multiple IP addresses to ensure social media platforms do not ban accounts associated with a single IP address.

3. Blocking Your Location

Android devices are well-known for integrating with Google, which frequently has multiple apps tracking your location. Location services are frequently enabled without your knowledge because they are part of the standard terms and conditions in Android apps and services. Your location information, however, can be shared with third parties or stolen by hackers. A proxy will hide your location and prevent any app from accessing it.

4. Gathering Data Unrestricted

Mobile Web Browsing

You'll frequently find a website geo-blocked to your location, or you'll be required to enter a CAPTCHA as your access is restricted. A proxy will get around geoblocking by changing your IP address to the correct location. Furthermore, CAPTCHA verification is frequently required when a website or browser detects suspicious activity. Proxies mitigate this and allow you to browse in peace. It also allows you to access multiple websites while web scraping without being blocked. It also allows you to avoid censorship and gain access to open data that would otherwise be difficult to find.

5. Ads and Cookies

Cookies may be enabled, or advertisements may appear when you visit a website. Cookies track your activity and act as a digital footprint associated with your device. It remembers and shares information about your device. For example, have you ever searched for a product on Google and noticed that when you accessed your social media, ads for that product began to appear? Proxies protect your activity and aid in the reduction of targeted marketing schemes.

Challenges of Mobile Proxies

Mobile Web Browsing

1. Mobile Proxies Are Quite Expensive

Because mobile proxies are the best but also the most difficult to obtain by providers, their price reflects this. They are several times more expensive than residential proxies and significantly more expensive than data center proxies. There are almost no free mobile proxies available.

2. Slow Speed

Because mobile proxies connect using mobile data, they are inherently slower than data center proxies and even residential proxies. When using mobile proxies, you should also expect high latency.

3. Less control

Because of battery life, cell reception, and the rotation inherent in mobile network design, mobile IP addresses are always changing.

4. Fewer Locations to Choose From

Mobile proxies are less common than residential proxies. You may have to wait in line if you need to access the internet from a less densely populated area.


Nowadays, mobile devices are used by more than half of Internet users. And this is not a fad. We already use smartphones and tablets for almost everything. So, why should we return to using laptops and computers as our primary devices? Instead, use a mobile proxy.

The more people who use mobile devices, the more problems will arise. As a result, there will be more instances of using mobile proxies. That is why you must master them before your competitors do.

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