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Using Instagram for Your Business Marketing,
Is It Profitable?

There are numerous social media platforms that are used on the internet. One of them, which is also the most popular, is Instagram. It is almost impossible to find someone who does not know about Instagram in this era. However, Instagram is a social media platform to upload a photo, video, or the latest reels and show them online. As this platform is mainly used by people globally, it also increases the popularity among the business owners as the marketing platform for their business. If you are a business owner and have not used Instagram for your marketing tools, then it is time for you to use it. There are several advantages you will get if you use Instagram for your business.

Gather Audience from Around the World

Many people are interested in using Instagram. Based on some researches, Instagram has monthly active users reaching 1 billion and more than 500 million people per day. Amazingly, these users spend an average of up to 53 minutes, almost equal to Facebook with an average of 58 minutes. This means that your business has an excellent opportunity to reach new audiences who have never known your business before. That's why Instagram is also known as one of the best platforms to increase brand recognition and brand awareness.

Besides, using Instagram can also optimize your visibility on the internet. With the right strategy, Instagram can be used to optimize your online visibility. For example, you can use hashtags to make your content easier to find on Instagram's explore page. Then for business accounts, Instagram also offers additional elements that will make your profile look more professional and captivate the audience. Among them are business categories, contact info, websites, and call-to-action. The good news, almost all Instagram users love business accounts. Based on the data, 90% of Instagram accounts follow at least one business account. Every day, 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business account profile. One of the three stories that get the most views is from a business account, and 62% of people become more interested in a business or product after seeing it on Instagram stories.

Using Instagram

So Much Easier in Promoting the Products

Instagram offers various functional features to make it easier for you to introduce and promote your products/services. There is Instagram Shopping, with an eCommerce feature that makes it easy for you to create a shop on Instagram, publish shoppable posts, add shopping labels, to display collections and product details. Instagram Promoted Posts where you can promote your business account posts by adjusting the target audience, budget size, and time duration. Shoppable Tags in Instagram Stories, which is not only in posts, but can also add shoppable tags in Instagram stories to showcase and promote your products. The next is links in Instagram Stories to show a Swipe Up or See More link to direct the audience to a product page or other area. Next, to make you more confident about the importance of Instagram in your brand promotion process, several findings can make you more confident about using Instagram. The first is 81% of users use Instagram to research a product or service, while 83% of users also admit that Instagram helps them discover new products or services. 80% of people say they will decide whether to choose a particular product or service after seeing it on Instagram. Nearly 130 million consumers expressed interest in obtaining complete product information from shoppable posts.

Sales Figures Increased

Not only limited to helping promote your business, but Instagram also provides the best features to increase sales figures. A third of Instagram users also frequently make purchases directly through the app on their phones. Here are examples of functional features to increase your business revenue. First, Instagram Checkout. This feature allows consumers to carry out the entire purchasing process directly from Instagram without having to leave the app. The second is Call-to-action buttons, where the aim is to prompt the audience to take the actions you want, starting from ordering food (ordering food), scheduling appointments, making reservations, buying tickets, etc.

Based on the explanation above, using Instagram has so many advantages. Besides, it can decrease your marketing budget, it is also much easier to use and accessible everywhere as this platform is available online. However, you also need to gather as many followers as possible to make your marketing and sales work. It totally takes time, but we have the solution. At Famoid, you can purchase followers that can support your marketing campaign. It is completely safe, and do not worry about the validity as the followers are totally real. You will not wait for months or even hours to accomplish your order as this order can be done in only five minutes. Click on this link to go to Famoid now and decide how many followers do you want to have.

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