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Uses of Computer in Our Routine Life

Uses of Computer

Everyone is known with computers and internet’s advantages. Uses of computer is almost prepared in every institute like factories, offices, schools, colleges, hospitals etc. since the computer is familiar for its adaptability. With the development of technology, computers are used in almost every field and everyone’s home.

Here are Uses of Computer in Various fields includes:

  • Use of Computer in Business

The computers are used in business for a variety of purposes varying from printing documents to tracing the investments of the company. Computers have become an essential part of business. Many businesses do not survive in physical location and are only dependent on the computer and the internet for example Software as a Service, Platform as a Service like a website developer uses computers to develop websites etc.

  • Use of Computer in Medical Field

Computers are used in hospitals to control a database of patient’s history, diagnosis, X-rays, live monitoring of patient etc. Surgeons presently use robotic surgical devices to perform delicate operation, and conduct surgeries remotely. It also help to check the fetus inside the mother’s Womb.

  • Use of Computer in Bank

Use of computers in the field of banking saves time and produces many facilities to the customers. Deposit and withdraw of money have become very easy and fast. Banking we can check our account status and convey money anywhere in the world sitting at home.

  • Use of Computer in Departmental Stores

Computers are generally used in departmental stores for controlling record of all products. Bar code reader, photoelectric scanner is used to transform the bar code price symbols on products in to digital form. Security cameras are used to check the customer activities.

  • Use of Computer in Airline Systems

Computer has become an important requirement of airline systems. Online ticket booking service is accessible for customers. Computer is used in airline systems from leading and manufacturing aircraft companies.

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