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Important Things to Know About
User Experience and User Interface


The design process is not an easy journey. It is very complex that no one should expect to be successful overnight. If you do not understand the basics of UX and UI well, things can get more complicated. To help those who are just getting started, here is a list of important things that they need to know.

UX and UI are not the same

Many people make the mistake of using the user interface and user experience interchangeably but the truth is, they are not the same thing. It is very important to try and distinguish the two putting in mind that the user interface is a part of the user experience. User experience abbreviated as UX focuses on things such as clarity, simplicity, and usability of a product. This simply means that UX focuses on how easy and simple users can solve any kind of problem with a particular design. User interface abbreviated as UI is simply the visual experience that customers get in a platform. UI focuses on the feel and the look of the product or service. To differentiate the two, the best startup user experience development studio will help.

You are not the intended audience

Many designers make the mistake of making their designs assuming that the target audience is like them. Before coming up with a design, you should try your best to do some research. Make sure to check what people are looking for, their behavior, and what will interest them. Your main intention should be to offer solutions to your audience and not you or your team. Innovators and designers do not behave the same as consumers. The people you are designing for come from different backgrounds, they have different beliefs and different mental models. Instead of making something that will suit you, you should start designing a product that will match your needs.

Make UX a mindset

It is also very important to think of UX as a mindset and not a set of procedures. Many businesses and companies do not prioritize UX and that's very wrong. UX is not just a process that the team must adhere to. It should not be a process with deadlines either. It is very important to make sure that your organization understands what UX is. When you are designing or developing a product, always remember to keep a superior user experience in your mind.

Use real content when designing

It is very important to use real content when you are designing. Avoid using a dummy when you are designing a new product. It can be very difficult to introduce a product that is not original to the people. The content, product, or service should be realistic. For that to be possible, it is very important to make sure that you are dealing with real and practical content. Even if the product is in its trial period, take a step to incorporate real and original content. Whether it's text, video or image make sure that you are dealing with the real thing and content that can resonate with the people and your target audience. For more, look for the best startup user experience development studio.

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