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10 Ways to Use Hello Bar to Increase Your Sales

Hello bars are those messages you wouldn’t even recognize as successful marketing methods. Most business owners think people hate pop-up announcements or offers. And that is true that visitors get annoyed by constant distracting messages that display on the website. However, if used properly, hello bars can generate an 11.09% conversion rate.

In this article, you will encounter the best ways to incorporate hello bars into your website so that they bring more interested customers.

What Is a Hello Bar?

A hello bar is a banner with a concise message that is located at the top of the website. It can be presented on the main page as well as on any other page. Also called a sticky bar, announcement bar, or floating bar, the message has a special purpose. It can invite users to other pages, offer a special discount, or just show info on a new feature. 

Why Hello Bars are Effective

Using a hello bar on your website can bring you multiple profits. Especially, here are the benefits you can expect:

  • Sticky bars are not annoying. They are not pop-up messages that may interrupt the user’s journey. Hello bars look organically built into the website’s design.
  • Floating bars can expand your email list. A common practice for hello bars is to collect users’ emails to provide them with special discounts.
  • Such messages can direct users to other pages. Not every visitor will look for that targeted page you prepared. With the hello bar, you can easily redirect users to it.
  • Hello bars can tell about upcoming events. Using a floating bar you can promote events you plan to hold.

What Are 10 Ways to Use a Hello Bar

There are numerous ways you can place a floating bar on your website to get the desired result. Here are some ideas for how you can use hello messages.

To Announce New Products

Visitors to your website are not aware at once what new features or products you have released. That is why from the main page you can encourage them to take a look at new arrivals.

This is how Kylie Cosmetics uses the hello bar. They promote their new product which is a tinted butter balm, and right via that message, you can go to a “Shop now” section without looking for the product yourself.


To Promote Your Podcast

If you in addition to your website have a podcast on an eBook, you can promote it on the hello bar. It provides value to a visitor from the first minute on your website.

Problogger invites newcomers to use the possibility to build their blog with the podcast. And they can immediately get something helpful for free.


To Provide a Discount

Another way to greet visitors to your website is to provide them with promo codes for a purchase. This method will work generating more sales as people love staff for less price.

Talkspace creators use the hello bar to offer 80% off with a special promo code.


To Offer a Deal

A floating bar is a perfect place to capture the visitors’ attention and offer them profitable deals. This is what Apple does. They know people want to get the latest and the most modern versions of their products. That is why they offer them a trade-in deal where customers can exchange iPhone 11, get a credit, and shop for iPhone 14.


To Call to Action

Usually, it takes multiple steps for users to finally get to the point where they will schedule a call. Studio Grow resolves that issue with the hello bar feature to book a call right on the main page.

If you have a long user journey that involves different steps, a floating bar might be a winning decision for you to get clients to the final point quickly. 


To Provide a Time-Limited Offer

The best way to make a customer quickly decide on the deal is to provide a timeframe within which they should act. Quickbooks brand uses a hello bar to show the offer and a big timer that can not go unnoticed.

The urgency always works great since the customers will not delay getting into a deal as it can disappear.


To Invite Users to the Webinar

A hello bar can also be used for inviting customers to the webinar. Shiphero uses a floating message to announce the upcoming webinar and encourage visitors to join it with a $100 shipping credit.

Instead of providing a discount for free, Shiphero first wants you to come to the webinar. And definitely, some customers will stay with the brand even after the webinar.


To Help Get Acquainted with the Brand

If your company provides multiple services, people will get confused about where to start and what service to use. With the help of a hello bar, Adobe helps visitors to make their acquaintance with the platform easier and smoother.

When you click on the “Get started” button, you get redirected to the questionnaire at the end of which Adobe provides you with the best match of the app. 


To Offer Free Shipping

According to the statistics, 66% of American customers want to get free delivery for online orders and 80% expect to get free shipping if they pay a certain amount. That makes the offer of gratis delivery very appealing.

Liquor Loot uses a hello bar to inform customers that every order with a check higher than $50 will be delivered free of charge.


To Encourage to Buy Now and Pay Later

The buy now pay later (BNPL) feature has been gaining popularity among younger generations. It is beneficial for both: customers and sellers.

Morphe cosmetics provider displays that feature on the floating bar as it gives more freedom for clients on how to make payment.


Wrapping Up

Even though a hello bar is a concise message, it can direct the website’s visitors right to where you want. They can fall for free shipping, profitable deals, new products, or discounts. So this marketing technique can perform multiple actions depending on your purpose.

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