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Your Active Guide to Understanding
Different Types SEO Keywords

Thorough keyword research and using the right keywords are still very important aspects of any successful SEO strategy. Using the right keywords improves the chances of driving quality traffic to the website and facilitates quality lead generation, which leads to better conversion rates. 

One must always try and use different keywords to ensure that the website is visible to different target audiences. This enables the business to reach a broader range of potential customers with enhanced chances of converting them into paying customers. One can even hire an SEO agency like Red Search Sydney to drive better results. But, how many types of keywords are there? Let us find out.

1. Long Tail Keyword

Keywords that are made of more than three words are known as long-tail keywords. These keywords generally tend to be more specific and less competitive as compared to short-tail keywords. Even though the search volume of long-tail keywords is lower, these keywords are great for detecting the visitor's search intent. 

Businesses must make sure to use long-tail keywords in targeted pages, more specifically for blog posts and product pages, to get the most out of these keywords. 

2. Short-tail Keyword

Short tail keywords are also known as head keywords; short-tail keywords are short keywords that comprise three or fewer words. These keywords have a huge amount of search volume, but they are also very competitive. 

Audiences generally use short-tail keywords in the initial stages of the research, which means that they do not put in much thought before using the keyword. This makes it very difficult to identify the search intent of the customer. It is highly recommended to use such keywords as a theme keyword that uniformly appears throughout the website. 

3. Product Keywords

Keywords that are relevant to the product or service offered by the business are known as branded keywords. These keywords act as a direct reference to the offerings of the business. Every business must have a unique keyword strategy for the specific products and services offered by them. This makes it easier for visitors and customers to find the product they are looking for in the search engine.

4. Branded Keywords 

Branded keywords are the ones that contain the name of the business in itself. When someone searches for the business name on the search engine, this means that the visitor is already aware of the business, but they are looking for some more information about the brand. One might be seeking information about the location of the business, or products sold by the business, or success stories of the business, and more.

5. Market Segment Keywords 

These are the keywords that are relevant to the business and industry. Market segment keywords are used by people, in general, to look up certain information relating to a specific vertical. These keywords are predominantly associated with any specific industry, location, business type, marketing for a particular niche, and more. One example of such a keyword is SEO with Red Search Sydney.

Bottom Line

There are many variants of keywords that are being used by businesses to enhance their ranking on search engine results. However, the above mentioned ones are some of the most important variants of keywords. Therefore, hire a good SEO agency like Red Search Sydney and enhance the SEO performance of your business in no time.

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