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Unboxing Videos: What Your
Brand Needs to Get Out There

An unboxing video is the video of a person opening a package and filming their first encounter with the product. Unboxing videos are popular because of their genuine, in-the-moment quality.

You may have come across such a video on YouTube or any other social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, and others. In recent years, these videos have ceased to be a mere internet fad to a strong eCommerce marketing strategy.

It gives buyers a chance to visually “test before buying” through the eyes of others. The videos also help individuals to find out about a product they are interested in without having to do the buying.

How Popular are Unboxing Videos?

Every day, dozens — if not millions — of new unboxing films are uploaded to YouTube. As a matter of fact, their popularity has grown significantly as a result of the COVID-19 situation which has led to adecline in the number of customers doing in-store purchases.

Unboxing videos are not only entertaining to watch, but they are also insanely easy to make. Anyone with a camera (and a little sass) can film themselves unwrapping a box. There are no particular skills or tools necessary!

The video is likely to draw a huge audience and build a significant following as long as the product has broad appeal.

Advantages of Creating Unboxing Videos

Other companies may form an alliance with you. Your target market will begin to link your name with companies or brands whose products you unbox. Whenever you post an unboxing video, ensure you tag the specific company from which you purchased. Who knows, they could check their tag and notice you.

Once companies begin noticing you, you may receive sponsorship. Companies could give you free samples to unbox if you have amassed a sizable following. Advertising other companies’ products also gives you publicity.

You have the ability to improve your OWN brand. Having your brand connected with well-known items may generate significant traffic your way and help you stand out from the crowd. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

Here are a Few Tips To Help You Perfect Your Unpacking Video

Pay attention to the lighting

The reason people watch unboxing videos is to have a good look at the actual product, which is practically impossible in a poorly lit room.

Record your video in a naturally lit room. If you don’t have sufficient natural lighting, a cheap ring light can compensate. Avoid using overhead lighting and desk lamps since they may cast shadows where they shouldn’t.

Set up your camera

To garner views and likes, ensure that your video is not pixelated. Nowadays, all cameras can shoot in super HD, and social media networks automatically modify bitrate to enhance user experience.

Record your video in landscape mode while ensuring that it is set to the greatest video quality available so that your recording appears good at any size and on any device.

Perform a soundcheck

Thanks to technology, even the most basic smartphone and camera mics can record high-quality audio. Unfortunately, this also means that they are susceptible to background noises such as lawnmowers and traffic.

To create a totally compelling unpacking experience, record in a calm location. If that isn't achievable, record a play-by-play narration when you have some alone time.

Keep your videos short

As you may be well aware, short attention spans are the norm these days. Very long videos and the viewer will swiftly move on to the next clip. Remove the unnecessary “uhs” and “ums” as well as everything that’s of no value to your film. Be direct and to the point to make your video more engaging.

Keep up with the latest trends

For your videos to go viral, you must be a trendsetter. You'll get a lot more attention if you focus on freshly released items that your audience hasn't had a chance to sample yet.

Consider this: anyone interested in purchasing these brand-new items will be looking for them by name. The more views your unboxing videos receive, the more likely it is that you will be sponsored by companies to unbox additional hot-off-the-shelf things.

Wrap it Up

As for your products, add a touch of class to the packaging. Custom tissue paper is an excellent way of doing this. Tissue paper gives an item a “gifty” feeling and makes the buyer feel special.

Unboxing videos are not only simple (and enjoyable) to create, but they may also "open you up" to a much larger audience. Remember to incorporate your logo at the start of your video for quick brand awareness.

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