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It’s Time to Trust Work From Home Workers

Say it with me, folks - work from home employees are employees, too! Just because a worker is not physically in a company's office does not make them any less of a worker or in any way less capable. During the pandemic, there has been a major movement of more and more people leaving their jobs - a phenomenon dubbed in the media as the great resignation.

Why are so many workers leaving in droves? There are a number of answers to this scenario, but one overarching theme is the element of trust. If they aren't feeling that they are being trusted to work from home, they will likely move on to greener pastures.

A surprising 85% of employers are doubting their leadership pipelines. It's time to trust WFH workers. Learn more about how trust and the working from home revolution can easily go hand in hand in the visual deep dive below:

Work From Home Workers
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