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Top 5 Travel Influencers on Instagram to Follow in 2022

Travel Influencing has been a popular topic on the internet in the last few years due to several reasons. Since some specific social media, such as Instagram, have facilitated the necessary background for the Travel influencers, the particular niche has been a beneficial job in the world. They are using secret Instagram tips to promote their content on the platform.

It is not an exaggeration to state that the travel influencers have been lucky enough to have luxurious as well as joyful life throughout their lives. Here are such Top 5 Travel Influencers on Instagram to follow in 2022.

1. Callum Snape

Snape has got two main descriptions, a photographer and a traveler who usually posts on Instagram. The same reasons have made him a Travel Influencer who has more than 799k followers. He is an influencer who is committed to doing several influencing tasks. Therefore, Snape has been able to work under Toyota, SanDisk, IcelandAir, and Google as well. Landscaping, nature, lifestyle, and cultural attractions are the most prominent areas of Snape. Although travel influencers on Instagram are usually stuck to a specific area, Snape has been moving all around the world for his Instagram achievements.

2. Danilo and Anna

It is a known fact that people usually travel alone longer than as a group. That habit is capable of making world-known travel Influencers. When it comes to Danilo and Anna’s case, they have been a couple that has traveled to several countries in the world, such as Malta, Amalfi, Paris, Tbilisi, and Athens. The Italian duo is famous for uploading amazing videos in an impressive manner. The content creating ability of the couple is not limited to Instagram but the Website as well as other social media platforms.

3. Dale Philip

The number of Influencers Dale Philip has collected is 112k and he has posted540 times. But,Dale is a popular person on other influencing social media platforms. Dale has been a popular person among Asian Influencers due to his independent commenting on the services he gives. Probably, Dale Philip is the highest-rated travel influencer in Asia as well.

4. Daniel Kordan

If creativity and photography came into travel influencing, that would be the creation of the world’s best travel influencer. Among the Instagram Tips, the same two points are crucial as well. Daniel Kordan is indeed one of a kind.that's because he has combined his creativity with his photography in his traveling desire. Daniel has proved his point, being among the best travel influencers in the world, through the amazing clicks he has made. However, landscaping is not his favorite, but the travel, light balancing, people, and the temporary topics he gets to enjoy in day-to-day life.

5. Harald Baldr

Among the Top 5 Travel Influencers on Instagram, Harald Baldr is a remarkable influencer. That is due to his commitment to providing an enhanced experience to his followers. The way Harald speaks interacts with others and builds relationships are very impressive. He not only travels around the world but reaches places others usually don’t get. The risks Harald bears and the excitement he brings is a dominating one. Recently, Harald went on a trip to Asian countries such as Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka. He brought an amazing experience to his followers through the visits.

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