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Top Trends in the Mobile Device Management Market in 2022


The world today is dynamic and mobile. Businesses across the world operate on advanced technologies, and advanced mobile devices and infrastructure. When we take a deeper look, almost everything around us is transforming, and the truth is that the corporate world is quickly adapting to the changes, without a hitch. Thanks to the mobile device management or MDM software that not only make the management of mobile devices an easy affair but also pave the way to the overall success of the organizations, on the grounds of maintaining security and compliance.

Strictly working from office in a controlled environment is a thing of the past. With the pandemic hitting the world, people and businesses understood and adapted to work-from-home settings more than ever, which eventually helped the businesses in manifold ways. Mobile device management made the lives of corporate giants and SMBs easier than ever by enforcing strict BYOD and work-from-home policies.

Mobile device management helps businesses manage, monitor, track, and secure their mobile devices and endpoints, without having them worry about security, compliance, and several other issues that come in the way of business success, growth, and development. 

Let’s take a quick look at the top trends in the mobile device management market that are going to stay relevant in 2022, and for the future years to come.

AI or Artificial Intelligence

If you think that AI is a hype that’s all over, unfortunately, that’s incorrect. AI or artificial intelligence is not hype. It’s true. AI in 2022, and in the future further will help businesses have an intelligent analysis on various aspects. 

Mobile Device Management software, combined with AI features, will bring a plethora of user-friendly and smart features for the users to benefit from. It will give a better insight into the apps and devices deployed for business purposes and will give a better hold on their activities. 

It will help in process automation and better operations. So in 2022, businesses must look up MDMs powered with AI-supported features!

Wi-fi 6

Wi-fi 6 is the most recent iteration of wi-fi and next generation wireless standards, that will help improve efficiency, and add to network security as it uses certain new encryption technologies. This will change the way devices perform and work and if used in an accurate manner, combined with latest MDMs, it can largely reduce almost all the major network troubles and issues related with devices’ connectivity and overall performance. 

As the majority of the workforce goes remote, Wi-fi 6 will be in demand with the businesses already using mobile device management solutions to enhance speed and productivity. To work remotely, the workforce needs better internet speed, data usage, and overall device performance. 

Though the upgrades are still going on, Wi-fi 6 iterations will hopefully resolve all the internet network-related concerns that come in the way of effective business operations, video and voice calling, and files and doc downloading and sharing etc. This will be a trendsetter in 2022.

Enhanced MAM or Mobile Application Management 

To gain granular control on devices and employees, companies in 2022 will opt for MDM solutions with latest Mobile Application management or MAM capabilities more than ever as now, updated MAM techniques will help the MDM software overcome all those challenges which were earlier there, in terms of app management such as non-compliance, specific app-related security breaches, and data loss prevention. 

MAM ensures the successful management of various applications utilized for corporate purposes on COD, BYOD, and related devices throughout. MDM software can help keep a check on what all applications will be enrolled in your devices used for business purposes, but MAM provides better monitoring by securing how one would use the application. MAMs restrict and allow applications based on business requirements. In fact, MDMs and MAMs will amalgamate the bests of both to create a seamless device experience for the organizations.


The global technology market will grow at a faster rate than ever before. Wearables like smartwatches, portable headsets, smart jewelry, mini portable cameras, board-mounted sensors, wristbands, straps, etc. will be in abundance in the market in 2022 and again, MDMs will have a major role to play in securing and monitoring these wearable devices. 

Cloud-based MDM solutions

Cloud-based solutions will enable the IT admins and users to access servers hosted by MDM vendors, which will give way to security and flexibility. In comparison to on-premise MDMs, cloud-based MDMs are more secure, manageable, easy to deploy, reliable, and scalable.

It will cut down the organization’s investment and will lessen the burden of maintaining critical corporate security and compliance. So, in case you plan to expand the boundaries of your business, consider opting for a cloud-based MDM for the much-needed flexibility, ease of use, and deployment.

These cloud-based MDMs will be the shapers of the future of mobile devices.


In future, BYOD managed by effective MDM solutions will gain much more popularity. Employees working from home will continue to prefer BYO devices as it will help them work more efficiently with familiar devices, tools, and technologies. 

BYOD, this year, also will help companies save their hardware and software costs. Also, it will help the employees to become more productive and engaged. However, BYOD also brings certain threats to the organizational corporate network like phishing, data breaches, security incidents such as ransomware, malware, etc. 

But, MDM solutions with effective BYO management features like kiosk lockdown, browser restrictions, geofencing, location tracking, sim swap detection, etc., will continue to be a great way to manage, monitor, and keep a track of employees’ productivity and compliance. 


Although these powerful and emerging technologies will shape the future of Mobile Device Management, it is also necessary for businesses to review and analyze what will suit better their business and enterprise as a whole. Then only, any business can reap maximum benefits from these evolving trends.

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With such insightful trends, the companies can always keep experimenting and can develop their business strategies, based on their goals and requirements. 

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