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Blessing in Disguise: Top Movie Channels to
Help You Get by Quarantine

Online content streaming platforms are convenient and what not, but will they ever replace conventional movie channels? Nope, they haven’t and they never will!

There’s just something about staying true to your roots that makes your mind feel relaxed, doesn’t it? Whether it’s about going for a hearty grilled cheese and tomato soup combo, or choosing your cable TV over your fancy-schmancy smartphones, nothing replaces the good old classics. Luckily, these classics are so readily available on TV, that settling for Netflix seems out of the question.

Why wouldn’t it? With the extensive channel lineups, cable TV service providers are out there to give anyone who thought ill of them a tough run for their money. Speaking of which, we don’t know about you, but, to us Charter Spectrum is surely a catch you can’t afford to miss. With each bundle, you get access to Spectrum channel lineup that has a plethora of movie channels, enough to help you stay well-entertained until the end of quarantine.

So, sit back, sip your coffee and enjoy this piece as we take you through some of the best movie channels, EVER!


If you’re into movies that get your adrenaline pumping, then Action Max is the channel that you can retreat to. This channel is available on Spectrum Silver and Spectrum Gold, so make sure that you’ve subscribed to either of these bundles.

FX Movie Channel

You’ll find this channel on Spectrum Select - Silver, as well as Gold - so one thing’s confirmed. If your preferences depend on the price tags, then FX Movie Channel will be there no matter what package you choose. Whether you’re into action, animated, or drama, FX Movie Channel has your back.


If your entertainment-hungry taste buds get quickly bored of movies, then HBO will give you a side of documentaries that you’ll surely enjoy. Available on Spectrum Gold and Spectrum Silver bundles, HBO is your one-stop for everything!

HBO Comedy

HBO Comedy, just as the name suggests, will certainly make your tissue box last for long. You can find all sorts of feel-good comedy movies that are a NEED these days. To watch HBO Comedy, you need to have Spectrum Gold and Silver bundles. Our sincere apologies to all the Select subscribers!

HBO Family

HBO Family is available on Spectrum Gold and Spectrum Silver only — once again, sorry Select subscribers! This channel is your fix for family movies that you can enjoy with your family members.

HBO On Demand

Won’t say much because we have a feeling that you can tell what kind of movies air on this channel. Also, once again, only Spectrum Gold and Silver subscribers can enjoy this one.

Showtime Extreme

Another channel that has got your action movie fix is Showtime Extreme. Find all the good blockbusters here, whether new or old. Just make sure you’ve subscribed to Spectrum Gold and Silver if you want to enjoy this.


Yes, yes, we know you’re aware of the kind of movies you get on Hallmark. However, there’s one good thing associated with it: it’s not only available for Spectrum Gold and Silver, but for Select subscribers too. (cue the applause)


Turner Classic Movies or TCM has all the classics for you in its watchlist. So, if you like to enjoy a bunch of Hepburn and Brando starrers during this time, then be sure to subscribe to Spectrum Silver and Gold.

Sundance TV

Besides some good TV shows, Sundance TV channel airs movies and documentaries too. Once again, this channel is available for Gold and Silver, so make sure you’re subscribed to those.


Uwatchfree is an online platform wherever you can accept various types of movies with distinctive varieties of resolution contents free. It leaks the movie before the release of the movie. That’s why peoples of India, as well as outer India, love to download and watch movies at this site.


Another classic movies treasure box on the list is RetroPlex. Here you’ll find old movies only, so if you have a thing for old classics, RetroPlex has your back. This channel is available on Spectrum Gold ONLY.

Let’s Get Some Popcorn Ready!

Times are rough, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stay deprived of entertainment all the time. If you’re a Spectrum user, then these are the channels that will surely turn your boring time into fun and way more bearable. So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to Spectrum and start watching these movie channels, right now!

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