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Top Martech Startups to Demonstrate Real Success

A well thought marketing technology is an essential element of a modern company or startup. More and more we can see a mix of marketing and technology. A company needs a smart marketing strategy to promote its services or products, while technology helps automating many processes and boost your company’s revenue. Just think about such martech companies as Dropbox and Airbnb to understand a perfect mix of martech in action. 

In this article, we are going to speak about the most successful martech startups to inspire you and your team to achieve the same or even bigger success! The following startups have different specializations: branding, design, social media, etc.


The popular startup is powered by artificial intellect. It helps users make smart choices. The company is based in London and San Francisco. The main specialty is providing innovative marketing analysts. The founder is Marie Outtier, who succeeded to raise €2.1 million.

  1. Roivenue

The startup’s headquarter is in the Czech Republic. It works as a suite for decision-making and marketing strategy. The developer promises to change your traditional way of managing marketing investment. The company collects data from many different sources in order to boast integrations with marketing platforms (e.g. Google Analytics/Adword, Adobe Analytics, and social media platforms). The startup has raised €600K already.

  1. Verticly

The Verticly platform was founded in 2014. The goal of the company is to connect companies with people by linking online ads with individuals’ data. The startup can help you increase sales, engagement, and return your investments. This London based startup has already raised €2 million and it is just the beginning of its ambitious plans.

  1. Flowbox

Flowbox is a well-known SaaS startup. It caters to people who deal with social media content on a regular basis. It is an excellent marketing platform, which permits you to gain access to user-generated social media content. The only thing you need to do is to filter the results and share your content across numerous channels. The startup was founded in Stockholm, and recently opened offices in Zurich and Antwerp.

  1. Attest

The Attest startup was founded in London in 2015. The mission of the developer is to help companies put consumers/data as the priority of their decisions. The company can give you a clear idea of what your customers think about your company via their scalable intelligence platform. It is your unique opportunity to connect with 100 million potential customers coming from 80+ countries. Boost your communications and sales with Attest!

  1. A Million Ads

It is a popular British company specializing in top-quality advertising. The goal of the team is to make clients heard and understood. You can order digital ads to boost your sales and brand recognition. The company has successfully delivered 100+ advertising campaigns in Europe. You can see Deliveroo, Nissan, and other famous clients of A Million Ads. 

  1. Phrasee

Phrasee uses artificial intelligence for generating marketing language. It permits us to achieve results that humans can’t. Thanks to this AI tool, you are able to write subject lines, social media ads/campaigns, push notifications/messages via the internet, etc. It is a new way of doing marketing campaigns. The startup has already raised €4.7 million and does not plan to stop.

  1. Voogy

Voogy is a famous martech startup based in Denmark. Thanks to this digital platform, you are able to identify your site’s visitors and start engaging with them automatically. Voogy can track all visitors and offers you innovative ways of communicating with potential customers. 

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