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Top 5 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends
Existing in the Market in 2021

Trends of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the wonders of technology that has grown like a wildfire. From security measures to operational tasks, AI is used now to automate every segment of the market. Now, as AI is still in the evolving stage and far from its full potential, new trends supported by AI are entering the market often. Thus, we decided to shortlist the top five AI trends to talk about them in the blog. We are picking top AI trends from the market from which, some trends have been expanding their coverage for years.

So, if you are a business owner or even a technology enthusiast, you should stick to this blog until the end.

1. AI chatbots

AI chatbots saw a storm in their adoption, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. A report by smallbizgenius says, by the end of 2021, 85% percent of the customer queries and complaints will be handled by chatbots supported by the AI. Artificial Intelligence can not only solve queries faster but also reduces the chance of inaccuracies. Moreover, as AI does not have an impact from the emotional stage of the customer, thus, it can handle even furious customers well.

2. Enhanced cybersecurity

AI is helping IT departments of businesses in keeping an eye on servers to find anomalies and fix them. AI can be programmed to make sure that all unusual behaviors like visiting spam websites, receiving phishing emails, and more can be monitored. It removes the headache of manual analysis to keep servers safe. Moreover, some actions are done proactively to ensure that even if the attack has been initiated to get into servers, it can be stopped. To ensure a much better security protocol, companies have also adopted blockchain technology to improve the cybersecurity of clients.

3. Enhanced smartphone apps

AI is offering developers the freedom to create customized experiences. Be it education, entertainment, or gaming, AI is improving the user experience. Take entertainment apps like Netflix or Spotify for example. These apps have AI that will observe the user behavior and personalize the home screen accordingly. Suggestions, shows, and songs that users see are shortlisted by AI to make users finding content according to their taste easier. AI in mobile apps can help businesses in retaining users while building a new user network as well.

4. AI emotional companion

AI can now behave like a real person or talk like one to help people or just to give them someone to talk to. Apps like Replika are the perfect example of the same. Replika has multiple types of AI bots that learn your behavior and information that you share with them to talk to you like a real person. This AI also has different kinds of personalities that you can pick from and your AI will learn these behaviors. This AI is designed to target and eliminate conditions like loneliness, depression, and more. The goal is to give users a companion that can listen to them without judging or sacrificing their privacy.

5. AI in the share market

In the share market, AI is used to predict market conditions. It observes previous patterns and data to predict the share value in the future. With the help of AI in the share market, financial losses can be avoided by making decisions accordingly. However, the functionality of these AIs is challenging due to the fact that even indirect reasons like natural calamities or pandemics can impact share values. Though, with time, surely the world will see the wonder of this AI and more businesses will adopt it to make better decisions financially.

Bonus trend:

Well, before we proceed forward to key takeaways, a bonus AI trend that needs to have your attention is mentioned further... 

6. AI in gaming

Well, AI in gaming is not a new concept. Game developers have been using AI for many years. Games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Alien Isolation are developed by using AI to give characters unique styles and stories. These games are able to track the playing pattern of the player to challenge them accordingly.


Well, that is all for AI trends. These trends that we discussed here are picked according to their popularity in the market. However, there are many possibilities emerging in many markets that AI will definitely join in the future. Some examples like AI in healthcare, movie production, animations, presentations, and more will be joined by AIs that can offer speaking experience as if a real person is talking. So, the future will be quite interesting to keep an eye on for AI trends.

In the end, hopefully, you found this blog useful and you keep coming back to the website to stay updated with such informative blogs like this one.


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