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5 Tips Small Businesses Can Use to
Grow On Instagram

Instagram needs no introduction. It is just not any other social media application. With over 1 billion (yes you read it right) active users, it has given a huge opportunity for creators, businesses, start-ups, artists to showcase their product or service.

Looking at conceptual data, optimizing your business on Instagram might be a promising idea.

Sometimes businesses despite doing smart work, choose the rather easy way to grow on Instagram ie. they end up buying Instagram followers or sometimes Instagram likes but it won't help them in the long run. It's not the right way, it's strictly against Instagram policies. By doing this they are not only risking their trust with their audience but also putting the account in danger. Instagram detects and shadow bans those accounts who follow unhealthy means to grow their audience.

Instagram has outdone itself. Businesses, celebrities, startups from all over the world take advantage of it. It's one of the best applications to get updated about the latest trends and happenings in society.

It can be an excellent option to Kickstart your small business on Instagram. Start getting your small business noticed by using specific strategies so that you can grow your Instagram account. You don't have to be a big industry to make an influence on Instagram. If used rightly, you can make the most of it.

Instagram is a free app that allows any business either a startup or a big corporation to make an impact from it.

We've done some research for you, Read on to find out our top 5 tips small businesses can use to grow on Instagram. Here's how you optimize Instagram more strategically to get more engagement as well as followers.

Consistent posting

Posting consistently can be different from one person to another. For some it can be posting 3 days a week or for some 1 post a day. No one is more consistent than the other. If you're sticking to your commitment that you're going to post x number of posts a week, it's also consistency.

Consistency doesn't mean that you have to post a picture on your profile every single day to look active. You can be the same through Instagram stories. Try to lose stories every single day as it will make the viewers know that this page is active and is taking Instagram seriously.

Post valuable, engaging, and high-quality content to generate leads. Provide knowledge to your audience. It can be in the form of posts, videos, igtvs, reels, stories, etc. Create sharable content that people will love to see. Post images and videos with good visuals. Experiment with posting at different times and see what works the best for your business. Post as many stories as you can to interact with the target audience. Use tools like Instagram polls, QnA, gifs, stickers, quizzes, etc. To keep the audience fascinated.

Don't post too much to avoid spam. Just plan and post it accordingly. Try to at least be consistent. Engage with people - reply to their comments, messages, etc. to clear their doubts.


It's one of the best ways to get organic followers to your account. Collaborate with your fellow start-ups, business, influencers, etc. to reach a fresh audience. Collaboration from the right influencer can get you loads of followers that will benefit your business.

Instagram influencers specialize in the social media world. They have the power to send the organic audience to your page so try doing this.

If your budget is low, don't worry. Collaborate with micro-influencers or nano influencers to ace the game. Micro-influencers too can have a great engagement rate so try collaborating as much as possible.

Ask them to mention your page in their stories, posts, videos, etc. To get the required results. 

Try posting user-generated content so that people share more of your profile content on their stories.

Promote your account on other famous platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. To gain more Instagram followers. Also, you can cross-post your Instagram to Facebook by changing the settings and tag some promoting pages or influencers that are relevant to the posts, they may or may not give you a shout-out in their stories. Know your audience. Ask them about their interests, dislikes, etc. Tell them you care for them.

Try out new features

Hop on to trends! You never know, maybe your post can get viral. Try new features as soon as they release to reach a wider audience. Be a little more creative while creating a post. For example- reels are a Great source of entertainment to the people. They get better views compared to other forms of posts. Create new amusing challenges so that it can be viewed by more and more people.

Stay up to date with trends and upcoming events. Add creativity and some humor to get the attraction. The more the humor the better the reach.

You can also create a filter that more people will tend to use to do something inventive and trendy. You can also contact someone who specializes in creating filters to Create them for you.

Go live whenever feasible. Your profile shows at the top on your followers' Instagram when you are live add people on your live to reach their audience as well.

Feel free to experiment with your content. Host giveaways, contests, quizzes to gain followers and boost the engagement rate of your account. You can also feature the winner in your story so they mention you back. Ask people to share giveaway posts on their stories and Tag their friends so that they follow your page.

This helps increase your brand awareness.

Optimize your Instagram

Understand it as a newly opened store. You try your best to do everything to make it look attractive so that more and more people will visit and buy products.

Just like this, consider your Instagram as a new store. Curate the feed. Make the page worth following. Make your profile attractive by making a colorful grid. Look at your profile from the viewer's point of view, not sure to understand their perspective. There are a lot of things to consider

First, make sure you have a business account. It gives you a lot of features that you can use to grow your small business and you can add several calls to action like call, email, etc. Add links to your website. Whenever posting makes sure to tag the location so that viewers with similar geography get to know about your page. Geotags are so beneficial in getting people to visit your page. Use keywords to make your Instagram captions compelling. You can also ask questions to your followers so they reply in the comments. Build a technically strong bio with a positive message.

Try following accounts with similar niches and learn new strategies from your competitors. Notice what they are doing and what is working for them might work for you to make connections with similar businesses and ask them about topics you wish to know.

Use appropriate hashtags that match your posts. If you want to post something related to beauty your hashtags can be #beauty #skincaretips #makeupblogger #beautyreview etc. Try posting hashtags related to the content.

Post behind the scenes, how-to videos, your work set up, etc. To build a connection with your audience.

Instagram Advertisement

Ads make everything so easy. Instagram ads can be a great way to reach people who are interested in seeing content related to your profile. It will get you more target audience. Instagram Advertisements are an amazing way to reach a large section of the audience to visit your page or engage with posts on your profile.

Run ads on posts you think are good enough for people to follow you up. Provide value to the audience. Apart from posts and videos, you can also promote Instagram stories.

These were some of our top 5 tips you can use to grow a small business on Instagram.

Instagram is one of the best apps you can use to monetize your business so try out these simple yet effective pieces of advice. Keep these tips and strategies in mind to make the most out of your Instagram and generate required sales.

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