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8 Tips for Local Business Marketing on Instagram

Are you wondering how you can promote your local business marketing on Instagram? If the answer is yes, you are at the right place to have your query answered. Indeed, one of the most valuable features of Instagram is its ability to help local businesses gain more visibility. Thanks to Instagram, you can reach out to more local potential customers, build trust, create a sense of branding, and boost your sales considerably.

Therefore, stay with me if you think it is time to leverage Instagram to improve your local business. In this guide, I will share some tips on how to market a local business on Instagram effectively:

1. Add Your Location to Your Profile 

It is better to add your location to your Instagram local business account to let your potential customers on the app know where you are located. Including the exact location in your bio will make it easier for Instagram users to find your workplace using third-party apps like Google Maps or Apple Maps.

2. Use an Efficient Instagram Growth Service

The more followers you have, the more legitimate and professional your account looks. Increasing your follower base can improve your business credibility and give you more authority in your field. Nevertheless, growing an Instagram following can be challenging, and that is why many businesses turn to Instagram growth services. An Instagram growth service will apply advanced methods and quality filters to target your desired followers safely and organically. 

However, be careful to pick a reliable service to improve your Instagram account with highly targeted followers and safe practices. Otherwise, you may end up with fake followers and get temporarily banned from Instagram.

3. Use Geotags 

Geotagging your exact business location in your Instagram posts and stories will help users find your business more conveniently. You can geotag individual posts with a location. When users tap on the tag, they are brought to a map page within the app that shows them exactly where your business is. By tagging your location more specifically, it is more likely that people will visit your store.

You can also tag other local businesses and engage with their posts. Commenting on other local businesses’ posts can help their followers discover you through the comments you leave. As a comment, you can write something like:

“Hey __, I noticed you spent time in ___. Awesome! Have you visited our store at ___? Our business would be happy to have you.” If a follower of another local business notices that you are local too, they may follow you.

4. Take Advantage of Local Hashtags

Using local hashtags - i.e., area-specific hashtags such as #TexasDigitalMarketing - will give users who search for those locations on Instagram a chance to discover your business. You only need to include the keywords in your hashtags that people are most likely to use when searching for your local business. 

Instead of repeating the same hashtags in every post, try to mix them up to avoid looking spammy on Instagram. Also, consider using specific, branded, and industry-related hashtags in your content to gain more online visibility on the platform. 

5. Work with Local Influencers 

Remember, there are different types of Influencers. If you have a limited marketing budget, working with micro or nano influencers might be a better option for you. They are cost-effective and have highly engaged and targeted followers than mega or macro-influencers. In targeting a more localized audience in a specific region, you should find local influencers whose target audience is yours. Creating a marketing campaign with a local niche-relevant influencer increases the chance of higher engagement and interaction.

Running an Instagram giveaway or contest in partnership with local influencers is a great way to increase your following and support your community. Selecting a valuable prize related to your local business, like offering discounts or free trials, can create buzz for your business. 

Instagram Marketing

6. Follow Your Local Competitors’ Followers 

Targeting competitors’ accounts is a great way to find local followers interested in your business. Check out the Instagram account of your local competitors. Then tap on their followers, and you will see everyone who follows them. The next step is to follow each account and regularly engage with them to ensure they keep following you and becoming your customer.

7. Enhance Your Engagement Rate

Improving your Instagram engagement rate is essential for your successful local business marketing. A reasonable engagement rate can provide more credibility to your Instagram business account, making people more willing to buy from you. 

There are many different ways to increase your engagement rate on the platform. But the most crucial first step is to know your audience well. Suppose you do not have an in-depth knowledge of your targeted followers. How can you adjust your content marketing strategy to meet their needs and preferences accordingly? Hence, gathering behavioral, demographic, and psychographic segmentation data through surveys and polls will provide you with detailed information to engage and communicate with them more effectively. 

Instagram Marketing

8. Constantly Track & Measure Your Efforts 

Keep an eye on your Instagram insights to see which strategy works best and which one does not. Instagram Insights will help you overview your current performance and develop more thoughtful and winning growth strategies in the future. Moreover, If possible, ask IG visitors what drew them to your local business because of your Instagram efforts. The feedback they share with you will be priceless!

Instagram Marketing

Final Note

Instagram is the most popular platform for local businesses. But the most significant challenge that local businesses face is not necessarily how to get more followers on Instagram but how to target a local audience in a specific area. Thus, in this post, we reviewed some best strategies that you can employ to improve the number of local followers on Instagram. 

Besides increasing your local follower count, you should do everything possible to keep your followers engaged and satisfied. Suppose you grow your local followers without taking the time to build strong and genuine relationships with them and continually improve your customer service over time. In that case, your efforts will go in vain. However, if you apply the tips outlined here and stay informed on best practices, you can undoubtedly expect to reap significant rewards.

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