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Tips to Choose a Great Web Design Package

The most common web design packages is the Content Management System (CMS)

A web CMS (Content Management System) is a system for publishing and managing content on the Internet. In its most basic form, a website that uses a CMS provides an interface which allows the site's owner (or their design team) to add or delete text, images, etc. And can allow users with permission to do the same. The CMS often also provides mechanisms for automatic generation of web pages and even further options like dynamic querying.

Web design packages software usually comes in two different flavors: Web design applications, that are typically downloadable software and run locally on a computer; and - much more common - web hosting services that allow users to create websites using a point-and-click web design interface.

The most common CMSs are: WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. All three of them can be used to create websites that look like the one you have just created with Web design software. The difference is that the time required to launch a website based on these CMSs is much greater compared to using the same CMSs only with web design software.

As you can see, in Web design, there are almost no differences between using a standard programming language and web design packages: most of the work is done by the CMS anyway!

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is not a programming language!

HTML is a markup language. It does not provide any functionality on its own, it just describes how your content looks and where the elements that make up your website should go. That's why HTML skills are usually called web design skills: you use HTML to lay out your site and stylize it by using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

If you want to create anything more advanced, the HTML skills that you have will not be enough. You will need programming languages - or at least some sort of scripting language. For example, if you want your website visitors to be able to register and log in on your site, this functionality is usually provided by a web CMS. The reason is that HTML and CSS templates are static: they describe how your site should look like, but do not provide any way to store data about your visitors or content - unless you use some sort of scripting language (PHP in the case of most CMSs).

So, if you want to create a website with dynamic content and advanced functionality, HTML and CSS alone will not be enough!

CMS packages can be purchased from a number of providers, including WordPress and Squarespace

There are many CMS providers out there. However, the most popular CMSs are probably WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. The reason is that they have huge communities: thousands of people contribute to them on a daily basis by creating free templates or plugins (small applications that can be installed into a CMS).

A CMS package will allow you to create your own website with a variety of templates and designs available for purchase or download

  • A CMS package is a complete solution to building both static and dynamic websites. While the majority of web design software options require that you know how to code, a CMS does not. The difference between a CMS and simply using a website builder is that the majority of your site's features such as logging in and adding pages will be available via a control panel.
  • With a CMS, you can also take advantage of third-party templates and themes which allow for unique designs while speeding up the design process. Many CMS companies will also have a custom template or theme marketplace where you can find additional features for purchase or download.
  • A CMS platform provides an interface that allows you to manage user accounts
  • CMS package allows for the creation of multiple user accounts. It also provides an interface to manage those users and their permissions on your website.
  • A CMS will allow you to create different types of user accounts for your website, such as those for administrators and content contributors.
  • A CMS is a software package that allows you to manage any type of content or media on the internet
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