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9 Tips to Buy a Used Laptop

Buy a Used Laptop

It is very important to know some things before buying a used or refurbished laptop. The first thing to note is the use of the laptop for any work. Demand for old laptops has increased as new laptops have stopped coming to Bangladesh since COVID-19. You can find out the prices of the used laptop So before buying a used laptop, know some tips: -

1. Display:
Before buying a used laptop, the display of the laptop must be checked thoroughly. Laptop displays may have small or large dots. These spots get bigger at some point and ruin the display. So before you buy, you can turn on Microsoft's white page on the display to see if there are any dots or spots on the display.

2. Operating system license:
It is important to know what type of operating system is used in the laptop. It is better to know whether the operating system of the laptop you buy is free crack or not. Because the price of the original operating system will be 10 thousand to 12 thousand rupees and the price of the crack operating system will be only 40 rupees which is limited to one CD disc. If the laptop has a premium operating system, then you can easily understand whether the operating system has a license or not.

3. Camera:
Laptop cameras are an important device. It is often seen that the camera on the display is damaged or the camera does not support the display. If there is such a problem, then there may be various problems. Only if there is a problem with the device, it can be changed and if this problem occurs due to the problem of the motherboard, then you will be in great danger by buying that laptop.

4. Wi-Fi
Currently, Wi-Fi is the key to running the Internet on a laptop. It is often seen that the Wi-Fi connection cannot be connected to the laptop. If there is no Wi-Fi, you can also check by turning on the mobile hotspot.

5. Battery:
The original battery of the laptop charges well. So before buying an old laptop, you have to keep in mind that the battery is original or duplicate. If you match the serial of the battery with the serial of the laptop, you will get the correct information. Find out from the buyer how long the battery lasts and how long it will take to charge.

6. Charging adapter:
A good quality adapter is needed to charge the laptop. If the adapter is original then your laptop will be charged quickly. If you buy a separate adapter, you have to check whether it is able to supply voltage and amperes to the output properly.

7. Laptop body:
If the body of the laptop is good, then it is normal to understand that the laptop is very good. If the body has broken words, scratches or bruises, it may have internal problems. As a result, many unscrupulous traders hide these problems and sell laptops so that the buyer goes after the problem.

8. Keyboard
In the case of older laptops, the biggest problem is the keyboard. Which is not understood in the normal way but it causes big problems at work. So before buying a laptop, you should check the buttons one by one.

9. Laptop port:
Many times there is a problem with the port of the laptop which is difficult to understand with the naked eye. Not all ports work all the time. It is good for you to check that all ports are working properly for ease of use.

Knowing the above things, if you buy a refurbished laptop, you can get a good quality laptop.

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