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5 Tips on Advertising Online for
Pest Control Services

advertising online

No matter what industry you're in, there are going to be ups and downs. Fortunately, as a pest control company, your services are always going to be in high demand. Recent surveys show that roughly 84% of homes experience pest problems in any given year.

The question is not whether or not people need your services, however, as that is obvious. The question is how are you going to make sure they choose your company?

Your solution lies in advertising online. Market trends and consumer habits show us that business marketing is moving to the digital platform. If people have a problem that requires a solution, they search for it online.

Are you coming up in their search results? Keep reading for everything you need to know about making an impact online.

1. Identify Your Target Audience

Establish your digital marketing strategy by identifying your target audience. Are you targeting homeowners, commercial properties, or both? What kind of pest problems do you handle?

Using the niche of your business, you can further define your target market (the people who need your services and will be most responsive to your marketing message).

2. Optimize Your Website

Advertising online relies heavily on creating a mobile-friendly website. Over 81% of Americans have smartphones, which they will use to find services like yours. If your website isn't optimized for mobile devices, it will be nearly impossible for them to navigate.

3. Perfect Your Local SEO

Next, advertising online needs to focus on boosting local search engine optimization. SEO is the coding used by search engines to find relevant content based on keyword searches.

For you, that means coming up in search results when people in your area search for things like "pest control near me." The benefits of SEO are endless and include things like brand awareness, increased lead generation, boosted sales, and more.

4. Connect With Customers On Social Media

Next, you can't neglect the importance of communicating with customers. For this purpose, few platforms can compete with social media. You can use social media to talk to customers, reach new demographics, promote your services, and more.

Paid social media advertising allows you to dictate who sees your ads based on location, gender, age, and more. It also gives you vital feedback about how your ads performed based on user engagement.

5. Use Content Marketing to Increase Credibility

As noted above, when people have problems, the first thing they do is look for solutions on the internet. You can capitalize on this consumer pattern by providing them with the valuable information they need.

Use your blog, social media, and emails to instruct people on-at-home pest remedies, pest information, and more. While it may sound like this will take business away from you, this method of advertising online builds credibility in your brand and presents you as an authority.

For example, you can direct homeowners to learn more here. Articles like these provide value and content homeowners are looking for.

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