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TikTok Marketing Dos and Don'ts
& How to Promote Your Business to Students

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing platforms with incredible potential for brands. It gives access to a rather young audience and allows promoting a business with even little to no budget. It is especially great for companies that have students as their target customers. So whether you are a professional essay writer who runs or a founder of an online thrifting store, there are many reasons to look into TikTok marketing. Some of them are presented below.

TikTok Marketing

Why TikTok?

There are a lot of companies that are still not convinced that this platform is a great opportunity. But they are definitely missing out on benefits, such as:

  • The app has more than 1.5 downloads globally and about 1 billion monthly users;
  • The audience is mostly young adults and teenagers;
  • A piece of content can go viral even if you have 0 followers;
  • The FYP is build to drive organic traffic, users see primarily creators they are not subscribed to;
  • A business can endorse awareness and bring traffic to their website even without paying for ads.

In terms of organic traffic and reach, TikTok is much more efficient than Instagram. People use it because it has much more information: from shows to watch on a weekend to study tips. so if you want to promote your brand to students, it is a perfect opportunity. Here are the tips on what to do and what to avoid.

The Do’s of TikTok Marketing

Set up an interesting and appealing profile. Integrate it with other brand’s social media, like YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. Also, put a link to your website in the bio. Use a logo for a profile picture; make an eye-catching and short description, something like ‘write my essay’, like EssayHub’s. Do not set a long and complicated username, choose your brand name if it is available.

You need access to analytics to learn and grow your following. For that, you need to click “Manage my account” and “Switch to Pro Account”. You’ll access three types of reports, overview (account analytics like views and followers), content (what videos are more successful, which are trending), and followers (demographics);

Build a strategy based on your target audience and brand. There are many options and theme niches when it comes to content creation. Before you settle on one, think about what your target customers would like to see and how it aligns with your brand. If your customers are not interested in AI, it won’t make sense to target akkadian cuneiform to them. It is about providing value to clients.

Content without a substance will never do well for a business. Think of what you can offer, like tutorials, tech news for students, tips, comedy relief, expertise, etc.

Pay attention to video format and quality. Use 9:16 video format and invest in proper equipment. Low-quality videos can do for a start, but in the long run, people want to see something good.

Participate in trends. TikTok is huge on trends and it is an effective way to go viral. There are trending hashtags, trending music, jokes, sounds, and filters. Always look at what is popular and make your original content with the use of it. Add a couple of trending hashtags and a couple of niche ones.

Open your posts to duets and engage with the audience. Always reply to comments and like them. It shows people that you care and increases engagement on the post.

You can motivate followers to create content. For example, start a challenge with a specific hashtag, create an original sound, a branded filter, or sticker. Consider reacting to the best pieces of content with duets. Be open to people and stay relatable. Learn more here to get TikTok followers easily.

Consider paid advertising. If you can afford it, pay for an ad campaign and collaborate with an influencer, which can be a valid idea to grow your following.

Here are the 50 best sites to buy TikTok Followers:

Introduce Merchandise

To create even more buzz around your brand, consider promoting merchandise to your followers. Creating merchandise is especially effective if you have a campaign that has recently gone viral, as it will help you to capitalize on this success and build your brand awareness even further. There are many options to consider when introducing merchandise. Thinking about the products your audience is most likely to buy is the most crucial factor to keep in mind. Items such as custom vinyl stickers featuring your logo and t-shirts are excellent options and likely to be especially popular with a younger audience.

TikTok Marketing

The Don’ts of TikTok Marketing

There are also several things to abstain from:

  • Do not violate platforms a guideline, make sure that content is safe, interesting, and doesn’t promote harmful behaviors;
  • Do not simply copy others’ videos, especially from other brands;
  • Do not post clips without any utility;
  • Focus only on your area of expertise, do not try to be generic and attract all demographic groups;
  • Do not follow accounts that are not famous;
  • Do not jump from topic to topic. The audience builds an expectation from a brand, so it is better to satisfy it.
  • Do not change the voice and style of the brand, it should be recognizable. Concentrate on channeling traffic to your website;

In Summary

TikTok is a rapidly growing platform that gives outstanding chances for all businesses. And it is especially great for those who cater to students. With dedication and quality content a brand can go viral, build awareness, attract new customers, and increase revenue. Just stay on-brand, original, invest in the quality, and engage with people.

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