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5 TikTok Marketing Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Tiktok has become one of the largest user-generated content platforms across the globe. With the rise that it has seen during the global pandemic, it ranks amongst the topmost social media platforms in the industry right now. This causes them to be one of the best tools that a marketer could have to promote their products. However, TikTok isn't as easy to sell on as other platforms. With the whole theme of the app being based on the reliability of the content more than the value it provides, targeting the right audience and making sales via TikTok is difficult. But it doesn't mean that it’s impossible. However, here are 5 beginner mistakes to avoid on TikTok to make a better presence on this platform. 

  1. Overselling the product

    This is one of the most common mistakes made by beginner marketers on this platform. They tend to focus more on the product instead of bringing a fun way to present it. Since TikTok is an app that is used majorly for fun purposes, its users aren’t interested in being bombarded by “reasons why you should buy this product”. However, the videos that tend to do well on TikTok, grab the attention of the user in the first five seconds and then highlight the product in the remaining time. Especially, if you use content that can show the use cases of a particular product, then your chances of getting success with that product increase dramatically. So beware of making boring informational videos on how a product is good, instead show it directly to the consumers.
  2. Not researching enough

    We’ve seen how research is very important on all social media platforms. It helps you to understand your audience better and helps you to gain more success using that data. However, most people fail to research adequately and their products don't do so well. This is because they think that, just because hundreds of millions of people watch TikTok every day, their content would just magically attract organic engagement. However, this isn't Disney world, things don't happen that way here. Before starting putting up content on TikTok, see if your suitable demographic is even available on this platform. This app is mostly used by people who fall under the age bracket of 18-24 years. So if you’re someone who wants to target that age group, then TikTok is going to benefit you. However, if you’re trying to sell a pill container for old people, then it probably won’t work on TikTok.
  3. Not using influencer marketing

    Most people don't understand that engagement isn't built overnight. There are ways to boost it, and we will talk about it, but in most cases, a solid engagement takes time to build. This is where influencer marketing comes in. No matter how skeptical people are of influencers, they do get the job done. There are several people on TikTok with millions of fans already. Every niche has a few hundred of them, so you have a lot to choose from. But most people avoid that option. Utilizing their community that resonates with the niche of your products can help you sell your products faster. And not only that, these influencers don't charge you much for the promotions and can also do the thinking part about how to integrate your product into their content. If you select a quality influencer, with a good reach, then you can get higher conversion rates. 
  4. Not using hashtags

    Not using hashtags is one of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to marketing their products on TikTok. Every platform works based on these small things called hashtags, which helps that platform to cluster your content with other similar content. Since people who are looking for that particular type of content will view yours automatically, if you use hashtags, then your chances of getting to the public eye increases. This also increases the chances of a sale because the audience that is viewing your content or your product promotion is already interested in that niche. And if your product adds value to their life, then they will pick it up from there. and what did it cost you to acquire that customer? $0! This is only one of the ways hashtags can be used. You can create hashtags as well and make a challenge around it to make more people use it to get it on top of the TikTok SEO. This way you can build an engagement and promote your product at the same time. So please try and avoid not using hashtags, it’s free, it’s simple and if used effectively, guarantees sales.
  5. Not publishing original content

    Well, there are a lot of pages that just repost a particular piece of content to build their presence, but it’s no way that is the best method to do so. To get more people to your account and check your videos, you have to create content that is relatable, catchy, valuable, and keeps the attention of the user. Since there are only 15 seconds of permitted video usage, doing so much in such a small time frame is difficult. You can take help from various YouTubers who have made it simpler by making guides on the same. This will help you generate original content that attracts visitors. The good thing is, this traffic will be built organically. So it will be easier to pitch your products. Also, always have a call to action in your videos, because, if the people do like the content you create they might want to go to your website directly and purchase the product you’re selling. 
  6. Bonus tip!

    We’ve mentioned the phrase “improve engagement” quickly, but how do you do that when you’re a beginner and things seem confusing. Hundreds of websites can do this for you. These websites can offer you help by letting you purchase, followers, viewers, likes, and engagement. However, you have to select the one that fits you. Since these followers will act as social proof and are genuine, it will attract more such followers and accounts to help you reach greater heights. If you get a set number of TikTok likes in the first few hours of posting, then your video has a higher chance of featuring in someone’s For You page than the ones who don't get enough likes initially. So check these services out and buy some genuine engagement to improve the reach of your profile.

The above-mentioned mistakes have been made by various brands and are continuing to do so. We understand that it can get tricky to unlock the potential of a social media platform unless you’re guided, but that’s what we’re here for. Since TikTok is one of the largest user-generated content platforms and does things a bit differently than others, these mistakes can cost you a lot in terms of social engagement. However, the solutions that are given after every mistake have helped multiple influencers and brands come out of a block and can help you do so too. The good thing is, that since a lot of people have made these mistakes, you get to avoid them and start afresh. Social media is not a cakewalk for everyone, so having such guides to help you, will be beneficial in the long run. As far as the bonus tip goes, it can be considered one of the most helpful tricks to increase your engagement in the early days of you setting up the account, and should not be avoided. Buying TikTok likes and followers is not illegal, and has proven to help a lot of people, so why not! So we hope that you make it big on this platform after reading about the mistakes you should avoid, but till then, happy TikToking!

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