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6 Ways TikTok Can Help Your Small Business
Attract More Customers

TikTok is just memes, lip-syncing videos, and clips of dogs doing cute stuff, right? Wrong! Because this brash social media disrupter is on its way to becoming a major digital marketing platform for small businesses.

And it's easy to see why. Last year, more than 600 million people logged into TikTok at least once a month. And the majority of users are still in their teens. In fact, 69% of teens in the US use TikTok daily, with 29% saying it's their number one social media platform.

So given the app's growing influence among the younger generation, ZenBusiness decided to create a helpful infographic on the six ways small businesses are using TikTok.

The guide outlines the more established digital marketing techniques, such as influencer marketing, hashtag challenges, and tutorial videos. It also explains how marketers are using TikTok’s unique features to redefine the relationship between users and content creators. For example, TikTok live stream events mean companies can engage with customers and showcase products in real-time.

Don't worry if you've never even seen a TikTok before! ZenBusiness also designed an easy-to-follow guide to setting up your TikTok business account. You'll learn how to create an ad campaign, set a budget, and target the right demographic.

And to make sure you're always down with the TikTokers, the infographic reveals the 9 secrets to making TikTok content that converts eyeballs into sales.

TikTok is the new frontier for small businesses looking to grow fast. So use these tips to make the most of this new (and potentially very lucrative) opportunity...

TikTok Can Help Your Small Business
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