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Five Unique Things to Do Over Facetime

Do Over Facetime

Routine Facetimes can feel mundane and boring after some time. If you are a scheduled Facetimer, whether it’s in a relationship, with your grandkids, or to keep up with friends, it can start to feel like you’re running out of ways to make the Facetimes special and important. Maybe your Facetime rut needs some revamping. Let’s look into some unique and fun things to do over Facetime to brighten up your typical Facetime routine.

Get Creative

Before you get some tips and tricks for your fun things to do over Facetime, let’s start with a simple suggestion. For your Facetimes to feel more fun and less routine, you’re going to need to get your creative juices flowing. There are many things to suggest for you to do within a Facetime, but they all require some fun and creativity on your part. Here are some great ideas to initially make note of:

  • Asking thought provoking questions
  • Solving puzzles
  • Having a shared movie time
  • Virtual dates with a loved one
  • Virtual ideas that make interacting with kids easier

Each of these ideas can provide so many fun things to do over Facetime. Now let’s take a look at how these Facetime activities make your experience that much better.

1. Ask Great Questions

Creating and thoughtful questions can be a wonderful facilitator to conversations. Whether you’re speaking with kids, a spouse, or a friend, there are many questions you could ask that you’d be surprised to know the answers to. With question asking, it’s important to remember that there is always more you could learn about something. Here are some categorical questions to consider:

  • Open-ended questions
  • Questions about interests
  • Questions about memories
  • Questions about fun facts

It’s important to remember that your questions should be age-appropriate. If you’re conversing with an adult, it’s normal for the questions to be more complex with complex answers. That would be the goal of the questions. However, with kids, you’re going to want them to be simple, yet engaging.

Ask questions to kids that are gearing toward:

  • Understanding
  • Creating
  • Analyzing
  • Applying
  • Evaluating

There are new things to learn about your loved ones every day, so start asking the good questions.

2. Puzzles

Completing puzzles together over Facetime can be a great way to have some fun and bond. If you’re playing with kids, trying out a puzzle together can be a great way to help them learn while having fun with you. If you’re looking for ways to engage with adults or friends, a puzzle can be a great way to problem solve and communicate together toward a shared goal. There are many lessons that can be naturally learned through solving a puzzle with someone. But most importantly, it’s another great idea to have a fun thing to do over Facetime.

3. Watch Movies Together

Another fun thing to do over Facetime is watch a movie with someone. You can set up a movie, or even a tv show, at the same time as someone else. By doing this, you get to have in person conversations about what you’re watching, your feelings about the show, and even your predictions as you watch. You can press pause at any point for a popcorn break, a debrief, or even just to talk. Watching a movie over Facetime is a great way to have some fun while building a shared experience with the person you love.

4. Virtual Dates

Long-distance relationships can be extremely difficult. Sometimes it feels as though Facetime is your only hope for some consistent connection and quality time. Make those Facetime moments even more meaningful by planning an entire virtual date for the person you’re sharing the time with. Here are some great virtual date ideas:

  • Cook the same dinner together and enjoy it once it’s served.
  • Plan interactive questions with your person to get to know them more.
  • Watching movies together.
  • Write a love letter and read it to each other on your Facetime date.
  • Play virtual games together.

Make your Facetimes with your significant loved ones memorable by creating a Facetime date to enjoy together.

5. Things for the Kids

There are so many fun things to do over Facetime with children. Here are some great virtual games and apps to try out with kids:

  • Virtual fishing games
  • Virtual baking
  • Virtual sports games
  • Virtual adventure and travel games
  • Drawing

By engaging in these kid-friendly virtual games, you are giving space for the kid to just be a kid while they have fun with you. It doesn’t matter if it’s virtual. All that matters is that you are spending time with them while they have fun and learn.

So Many Things to do

There are never-ending ideas for fun things to do over Facetime. Try out all these ideas next time you hop on to chat with someone virtually.

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