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How Does TETRA System Provide Solutions
for Airport Communication

Airport Communication

An airport is a place that has always a very hectic schedule along with the exchanges of the bulk of data each second, resulting in a need for well-established connectivity between staff and all other associated people. An airport should provide smooth and well-managed operations for the customers, and this can be achieved with a secure, orderly, and convenient system of communication. Communication can be established without any interruption and has greater coverage. The other challenge in airport communication is the need for an economical and easy system to maintain. The most important concern is security, so the communication system should be secure.

Tetra System Overview

The number one choice of airports around the world relies on the TETRA system developed by Hytera company. Short for Terrestrial Trunked Radio, TETRA is a system used for communication for different purposes. The system was previously known as Trans-European trunked radio. The system was founded in 1995, and it has a wide usage across different platforms, but this article will shed light upon only its usage in Airport communication.

Solutions Provided by TETRA System

For smooth execution of operations at an airport, a reliable, easy to operate, and efficient system is essential. Hytera offers the solution for effective communication in the form of the TETRA radio system. Through TETRA's application in airport communication, capacity, security, and reliability can be greatly enhanced. The solutions are summarized in the points given below:

  • The TETRA system in airport communication offers improved user capacity, powerful transmitting power, and a seamless transmission rate. Moreover, it has been observed that the system provides clear communication even in a noisy environment.
  • The next solution is related to the concern of security. Through the feature of end-to-end encrypted communication, the security of the data is greatly ensured.
  • The improved level of availability and reliability make it a better option for airport communication. The service has a greater coverage; they can be operated in diverse geographic locations across the globe.
  • Communication has been made faster and more efficient than before through the application of the TETRA system. Multiple networks can be easily incorporated, and the communication system is made efficient as much as possible.
Airport Communication
  • The primary aim of communication at the airport is to provide a convenient visiting experience to the visitors, and TETRA radio system has made it possible through its many versatile features.
  • Furthermore, TETRA provides an efficient record of the data; all the calls and messages are stored in the system and used in the future. The system offers powerful capabilities that can easily handle any amount of data without the system's collapse.
  • TETRA system provides a non-stop and uninterrupted communication medium using a microwave link system between different base stations.
  • Improved Graphics user Interface (GUI) makes it easier to operate and ensures a smooth operation without any system defect.
  • One of the system's best features is the activation of backup devices in times of any emergency; in this way, non-stop operation is always ensured. TETRA radio system offers some rich and powerful features to tackle any emergency, including lone worker alert, emergency alarm feature, man down alarm, etc. These features help get out of any emergency and make the troubleshooting procedure easy and efficient.
  • Flexibility is another benefit of the system; the system can easily be incorporated with other systems and can easily be connected between different base stations, enabling enhanced communication resulting in better airport operations.
  • TETRA system provides accurate GPS positioning. Hence the location of each staff and item can be easily tracked and monitored in real-time. So normal operations and any emergency can be easily handled. Along with normal and emergency handling, the enhanced tracking system through GPS makes maintenance operations much easier.
  • The most attractive feature of the TETRA system is the innovative design that offers reliable and impeccable performance. The system has rich accessories, which can be used in any site and weather conditions because they are dust and water-resistant. These accessories make every airport operation easy to carry out, i.e., cargo transport, airport cleaning and maintenance, fuelling, etc.
Airport Communication

From the above-mentioned benefits of the TETRA radio system usage in airport communication, it can be confidently concluded that the TETRA system has revolutionized the communication system. The TETRA system is cost-effective and efficient. It has made communication reliable, efficient, and effective.

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