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Why Test Your Website For Browser Compatibility?

Test Your Website

A web browser is a source that enables web users to get access to the websites and interact with them. The users may use different types of browsers to operate the website, but this does not mean that every browser should display different results. Your websites must be designed and developed in a way that they are browser compatible. Browser incompatibility mostly occurs when browsers do not support certain Javascript and CSS styling, affecting the elements displayed on the screens.

But there are certain websites that show different results on different browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, UC Browser, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. Moreover, there will be a different result if you view the website using a different device just because they are not browser or platform compatible. If your website users are facing any such problems, then it is your responsibility to make them compatible first. You can always opt for website maintenance services if you feel your websites are not compatible and require certain changes and amendments.

Dig deeper into this article to get familiar with the reasons for testing websites for cross-browser compatibility.

Top 6 Reasons to Check Your Website for Browser Compatibility

When using a website, you might have experienced that the actions you wish to perform are not fulfilled, but similar actions work on a different browser. If you click on a button, it will not perform any action or take you to any other page because of the browser compatibility issues. You must resolve these issues to make sure your website users can perform the essential actions for interacting with a website.

Following are the common reasons why you must check your websites whether they are browser compatible or not.

  1. Proper display of website

When websites are not browser compatible, then it means that certain elements of the website will not be rendered on different browsers. Some javascript and CSS styling will not be operational on different browsers. This lack of support hinders the display of certain elements and functionalities of your website. It is possible that an important button or a CTA is not visible to the users of a certain browser. If these are the situations, you must opt for the website maintenance services in Dubai to ensure every website element is displayed for the user irrespective of the browser.

  1. Proper functioning on mobile devices

Website users do not usually operate websites using laptops or computers; nowadays, people prefer accessing these websites through mobile devices. When your websites are not browser compatible, the mobile users or any other device users will have difficulty interacting. It means that you are losing more than half of your customers because of this glitch in your website as the number of people operating websites through mobile devices is increasing.

  1. Increase website traffic

If your website is not loading properly for the users of different browsers, then they will shift to the website that loads completely on the browsers they use. Having incompatible browser websites always results in lower website traffic. Ecommerce websites and all other websites need to increase their website traffic; otherwise, they fail to enjoy the benefits of having a website. If your website is facing low traffic issues, then browser incompatibility could be one of the reasons.

  1. Improve SEO

One of the essentials for improved website SEO is to have websites that are browser compatible. You will not be able to improve your rankings if your website is not cross-browser compatible. The search engine bots or the web crawlers through your website out of the ranking race if they are not browser or device compatible. It is because browser compatibility is one of the aspects of improving user experience, and it ultimately improves the ranking.

  1. Rectifying errors

Another important reason to check your website for compatibility issues before deploying it is to rectify any errors. It is crucial for websites that their errors and failures are not noticed by the users. Checking and testing your websites for browser compatibility will help you rectify any errors if they exist. If the errors are rectified, then it means there is no chance your website will operate differently on a different browser or platform.

  1. Improved user experience

What else could be worse than a user not being able to enjoy all the functionalities and elements of a website? When your websites are incompatible with the browser or the device, they fail to load certain elements and functionalities. These limitations affect the user experience, and they could not spend an extra second on your website. That is why you need to make sure that your website is developed so that it is operatable on every browser. If not, then you can hire the expert services to fix any such issues and improve your user experiences.

Is your website browser compatible?

If your website users have different experiences using your websites through their browsers and devices, you need to check your website for browser and platform compatibility. You must make sure that these issues are resolved so that the users do not face difficulty operating the website. You can always hire website maintenance experts to make your website compatible if they were not developed that way.

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