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Technology Trends in 2021

Technology has entered our lives, and it is unlikely we will ever live without it again. It seems that every year there are regular changes in the way technology helps us, and 2021 will be no exception. We spend a lot of our time using computers. It does not matter if we are playing Jednoręki Bandyta or buying groceries; we have chosen to use technology overdoing the activity in the real world.

Electric Planes

Travel has been almost impossible over the last year, so it is encouraging to know that there will be development. Not just ordinary development but the one following a green agenda. Airbus is working with countries in Western Europe to create the Eurodrone. It is hoped that flight tests can begin as early as 2025. Before that, it is hoped that 2021 will see the speed record broken for an electric aircraft. Called the Spirit of Innovation, it is hoped it will exceed 300 mph.

Help to Work from Home

It does not seem like office workers will be going back to the offices any time soon. At least 25% of staff in North America will work from home for the foreseeable future. As some of the biggest technology companies are included, you can be sure there will be some new aids created to help staff adapt. Work from home packages is likely with security being at the forefront. It is likely to come via a specific router and separate packages offering IT support. Other items being suggested are digital whiteboards allowing ideas to be presented and added to during online meetings. 


There are already several self-driving cars in Arizona, and all are carrying passengers. There are plans to roll this out to other places through Waymo One. Other companies are following suit, and Cruise is trialling theirs in areas with poor weather. It is good to know that trials are still ongoing as there were fears that Uber's failure to produce self-driving cars would see plans fall behind. China is also piloting their version led by AutoX. Shenzhen has 25 cars on their streets without any form of human backup.

AI Security

As AI plays a more significant part in day-to-day life, there is the need to increase security as there is more for hackers to try and hack. System security will be added to through AI, and it is AI that will help with the protection as they will be able to discover attacks. It is good that a version of the same system can protect the system that is now under threat.

Some of us may not be aware of the changes that come in as they may not influence our daily lives. The reality is that we will be affected as each advance brings the specific area a little closer to being the norm. What is being seen as a new technology trend in 2021 will be what we are all used to in 2030, and there will be a different set of new trends.

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