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10 Technology Trends That Will
Impact Our Lives in 2020-2021

Technology Trends

Are you finding ways to introduce a new tech business setup? Or, eager to follow the current technological trends for your existing project? Then, you are at the right place. Through this post, we will let you gain a better understanding of the evolving technologies that gained traction in 2020- 2021.

Technology has changed the way of leading our lives. It has been immensely helpful in improving our work techniques. These days, people use lots of gadgets. Using them has become a basic requirement in daily life. Whether you want to connect with people around the globe or are willing to take some services or goods, technological advancement has made everything possible.

Technical trends followed in 2020-2021:

1. Artificial Intelligence

AI has obtained enough support in the last 10 years. However, it is still a superior technology and a progressing one.

It has impacted our lives whether it is professional or personal. This particular technology has shown its importance everywhere. Whenever we talk about carpool apps, speech recognition, navigation apps, personal assistants, or navigation apps, Artificial Intelligence has contributed a lot to them.

Graph showing Revenue from the Artificial Intelligence between 2016-25:

Technology Trends

2. Machine Learning

ML is defined as one of the segments of AI. It is because AI has created the foundation of computers for self-learning facilities. ML is capable of performing different activities in the absence of human beings. That’s why when we use Google Maps to find out the routes, it is Machine Learning that helps us in finding out a location.

Since the use of ML has been enhanced globally, this already shows how much scope it has. The technology has also a meaningful role in minimizing organizational costs and enhancing clients’ experience.

3. 5G connectivity

When the internet speed is more stable, web pages can be downloaded easily. Also, users will have to waste less time downloading videos. The introduction of 3G did improvements in mobile connectivity and created new opportunities for users.

Due to the expansion in bandwidth, 4G came into existence. With the launch of the 4G network, it became easy for users to run videos and music flawlessly. As 5G is about to come into the market, it will even help in the expansion of network connectivity. The 5G network will enable the use of the most demanding technologies (AR and VR).

In short, the high-speed 5G networks will permit all trending technologies to be accessed from anywhere.

4. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a secured technology for completing online transactions. As it is distributive in nature, hackers can’t temper confidential data. This distributed ledger technology is mainly applicable for digital currencies. Some of the major industrial players like IBM and FedEx have already started to use blockchain for their frameworks.

It has been found that the worth of blockchain at the world level will increase by over 7.5 billion dollars in 2024. When blockchain innovation utilization will enhance, the blockchain interest level will even shoot up.

Graph showing Blockchain market value:

Technology Trends

5. Internet of Behavior

If you know about the IoT (Internet Of Things), you should be amused to know that it has been stretched to the IoB (Internet of Behavior).

Now, it can be easy for businesses to analyze the behavior of the customer with IoB. Such as, a health-related mobile application will keep the track of all your physical activities routine. This detail will help you in improving your behavior and let you create personal health plans.

6. DevOps

DevOps is the amalgamation of ideology and strategies related to software development. As an ideology, DevOps defines coordination, data sharing, and equivalence. When it is about technique, it unites development-related activities. The DevOps core is about the application delivery pipeline that regulates productivity for an organization.

DevOps is one of the trending technologies used in the IT domain. This technology is highly profitable as it has a high market value. Its payback was observed at around 4 billion in 2019. This rate of profit keeps on increasing.

7. Cybersecurity

Since everything has been digitized, cybersecurity technology is in high demand. It is continuously progressing similar to other technologies. The importance of this technology will always exist as new security threats will arise frequently.

Cybercriminals will attempt to access data illegally. They always try to find different ways to tamper with confidential data. So, with the presence of Cybersecurity, it can be easy for us to create a shield against hackers.

8. AR and VR

Both of these technologies are trending for developing meaningful automated events. Over the last few years, they have managed to get high admiration. This trend will continue in the future as AR(Augmented Reality) and VR(Virtual Reality) will keep on implementing innovations in upcoming years.

When it is about Virtual Reality (VR), it assists in creating a real-time environment of the outer world using hi-tech computing technologies. If it is Augmented Reality (AR), this helps in improving the environment using elements of computers.

AR and VR are applicable for different industrial domains. These are education, gaming, transportation, education, healthcare, including others. For example, educational platforms are using these technologies to enhance students’ learning experiences.

Graph showing AR and VR market:

Technology Trends

9. IoT Technology

You must have observed the surprising growth in the number of gadgets. These gadgets can be managed with the help of the web. This is due to the introduction of IoT (Internet of Things). The specific technology is going to be the future of us. In 2021, its estimated market value is 35 billion. Similarly, the IoT market will reach approximately 54 billion dollars by 2022.

The IoT market is only going to expand in the near future. It will even bring endless job openings with it.

Graph showing IoT market growth:

Technology Trends

10. Big Data

Big Data is helpful for storing, analyzing, and processing a large set of data. This is the best option for organizations for running their business smoothly. Whether it is about predicting customers’ behavior or knowing their preferences, Big Data technology is quite helpful.

By using trendy technology, it can be easy for companies to track defects associated with products and their manufacturing process. This can increase the company’s productivity in every way.


Technologies are rising and advancing every year. In 2021, these mentioned technologies are on top. You must be aware of them. This will allow you to ensure the progress of your existing business and even boosts up your startup business. Since technology will keep advancing, more innovative technologies are yet to come.

Author’s Bio

Erma Winter is a senior technical consultant at MobileCoderz (an Android app development company). She has served different business types with effective software solutions. In her free time, she loves exploring new trendy technologies and sharing informative posts.

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