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Technological Advancement in the Criminal Field

Crime and technology
In criminal investigation police officers and the directors of crime try to use the most sophisticated technologies as possible in order to nap the criminal by the use oftechnological assisted machines. In most cases in the latest technologies the FBI have been able to track down and arrest the most annoying and terrifying criminal by the use of online foot steps and bread cramps by the fishy users who have unclear motives and they wrongful use the Internet to scam the primitive audience in it. This has led to police officers and crime instructors to put there heads up and clear study the technological bit of it so that they can be able to detect and identify the criminal gangs in the Internet.

Some of the software have been developed to record information for the purposes of the future in any incident that may occur in the future. The software helps to break the puzzle as they can clearly tell or give details about a particular event using the evidences adopted from the Twitch clip manager. The Twitch clip manager can be able to record the time of a played video hence it can be used as an evidence or proof in the court of law.

Criminal directors can easily get solutions of online crimes by going through the system and supporting any steps with relevant information as evidence from the same Internet. This information can be obtained through going through the damaged sources and clearly identifying the latest serial cards in the online scene of crime. This evidence can be used legally to obtain or seek justice in any system of governance by providing proofs of crime using evince from developed software such as Twitch clip manager. Twitch clip manager can be used to search for clips and easy identity clips that require to be used as evidence in any system of any kind. Many people don't know the importance of such software that may help or will help to deliver justified evidence in most one platforms.

This call for a big urge to spread the information through the most convince way of spreading civil education on the importance of this software such as the stream manager Twitch. This steam manager Twitch can be used in security surveillance in important functions such as the meeting of the head of state. This could help the security apparatus to be very keen with what that is happening around a large area with minimal access. Through the use of the twitch stream manager, security apparatus will be having a lot of confidence in dealing with the environment and how to swiftly respond through the use of technological advanced systems.

The most important thing right now is not the inventions of such sophisticated technologies but rather the knowledge of applications required to deliver the type of technology at hand in solving the basic human requirements in the present Times. People of the general public should be encouraged to seek information about online upgraded software so as the may be able to deal with day to day task.

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