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Summer Media Deals to Watch Out For

Managing personal finances is potentially more important now than ever before. However, this by no means requires you to merely focus on the essential and cut out the 'nice to have', such as media and entertainment. Instead, here are some deals to consider this summer...

Sign-up bonuses

Summer Media Deals

There are a variety of sign-up bonuses for a wide range of companies, across all industries. For example, when signing up to Spotify, new users can receive their first one or two months of Spotify Premium for free - depending on the time of joining, Spotify sometimes offers up to six months as a free trial.

Similarly, when signing up to online casino platforms to play things like Paddy Power Bingo slot games, or other similar iGaming platforms, players might be able to claim bonuses such as free spins, additional bet money in the cash pot, the ability to get money back even after a loss, and entry into various tournaments, for a set period of time.

Sign-up bonuses are not media-exclusive, however. Though this might not always directly impact gaming and entertainment as such, having a broad overview of outgoing essential expenditure in this way can provide the opportunity to claim offers that can then be put towards optional services such as gaming and entertainment.

For example, when switching your energy provider through comparison sites, providers will often offer an incentive such as a welcome offer or cash value voucher to make their offer look more tempting. The cash-back can then be used to pay for an upcoming media payment, and Amazon vouchers could be used to offset Amazon Prime Video subscription payments.

Suppose you pay for your media subscriptions via a credit card. In that case, it is also worth looking into welcome bonuses for switching credit card providers, as regular payments such as this can grant the opportunity to earn points or cash back with every purchase. Some credit cards also offer a discounted introductory annual fee - or even $0 for the first year. So long as you are able to pay them off, and not succumb to high-interest rates, by paying for media subscriptions through these cards, you are guaranteeing set monthly payments that will generate points and cash-back over time.

Streaming deals

Summer Media Deals

Many streaming giants are consistently offering deals that slash the price of their subscriptions. For example, Paramount+ recently offered a deal which cut its monthly subscription in half for three months. After merging with Showtime in June, Paramount+'s premium plan has seen a rise of $2 dollars a month to $11.99 to reflect the now broader variety of entertainment.

This offer priced the bundle at just $5.99 - the same price as the regular subscription without Showtime content. Though this offer was time sensitive, what this does go to show is that it's worth keeping an eye out for lucrative streaming offers such as this.

There are often various codes that grant the first month for free or offer a discount when prepaying for the full year upfront. Further to this, if you have the means to do so, even without a discount code, prepaying for the full year upfront can often work out more cost-effective than paying in monthly installments.

And there you have it - just a few deals to look out for this summer, helping you to effectively manage personal finances without having to cut out media expenditure completely.

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