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9 Habits of Successful Mobile App Entrepreneurs

Mobile App Entrepreneurs

By Sourodip Biswas

Success is not a chance affair, and those who have worked hard to earn it, know that hard work and a few pivotal habits help attain success. There are successful mobile app entrepreneurs, and then there are those who barely make any money from their apps. Obviously, there are a few that exist somewhere between these two categories. When you ask successful app entrepreneurs, you would know that success was a result of their habits that they made a point to incorporate. Here, we will talk about these habits, and why they are important for the appreneur (a portmanteau of app and entrepreneur).

1. Study the App Store in detail

Do this on a daily basis and you will learn how the App Store evolves on a daily basis. Yes, there is always something new happening in the App Store. Either the guidelines change or a new app is uploaded which garners a good amount of downloads. A study of the App Store reveals what the customer prefers, how the customer chooses an app and other aspects. It will also provide you with insights on your own app. The traction it has received, the reviews you have managed to get as well as the customer feedback, which will help you improve your app.

2. Learn from other people’s mistakes

It’s not always necessary to make mistakes to learn from them. You can also learn from other people's mistakes. For instance, a successful appreneur will always look at the App Store to understand why a particular app is at the bottom. They will try to understand what went wrong with the app, and why the particular app was given bad reviews. This kind of learning will then be incorporated while developing or redefining their app. This knowledge also helps app entrepreneurs to differentiate their app solutions.

3. Start your day a little early

To be successful, you need to zero down your distractions. The biggest distraction being email. A lot of people get up a little early in the morning so that they can respond to the emails before people get online. This enables increased productivity and higher efficiency at the start of the day. With the inbox narrowed down to zero emails, you have the time to concentrate on crucial tasks for the day.

4. Write down everything every single day

Mobile App Entrepreneurs

Never try to remember everything, even if you have a sharp memory. Note down every single point that you have been working on. The company’s objectives, the app’s roadmap, the faults that you have recently observed, your observations of the gaps that exist, etc.

It is important that you have a specific place where you can write everything down and go back to it whenever needed. Whether you want to write content for a publication or you just want to track the activity surrounding your app, it is easier when things are written down. In fact, a writing habit also gives you a chance to recreate an app with a difference.

5. Manage your teams better

As an app entrepreneur, chances are you have outsourced certain parts of the business, and have established remote teams to manage your work better. However, it’s not easy to manage the work and teams efficiently. This is the one habit that sets the successful appreneurs apart from the ones who are not so successful. They know how to manage the teams, and dive in some efficiency throughout the structure.

6. Their support is immediate

Whether a customer needs support with the app or, someone else is asking for a response, the app entrepreneur makes it a point to answer them all by themselves. They don’t depend on someone else to do the job. This allows them to understand the problems that exist and also helps them develop the app accordingly.

7. Have conversations with the target audience

As an app entrepreneur, you need to build relations and understand what the customer is looking for. This cannot be done behind the computer alone; you need to have your physical presence with the people who are future stakeholders of the app you are developing.

You need to have daily conversations with the app users, understand what they find good about your app, and what they find difficult. As soon as you incorporate the feedback and give out a renewed version of the app, you are sure to make people around you happy.

8. Stay motivated through inspirational reading

There are days when everything will seem good, and then there will be days when everything will seem bad and your efforts will not render any result. It is important you stay motivated through the bad days as well. For that, you need to keep yourself inspired. You can achieve this by reading something inspirational on a daily basis. You can even inspire yourself by watching other people talk about success. Successful Entrepreneurs surround themselves with inspirational material that helps them stay motivated.

9. Analyze the app analytics

Yes, it is essential you analyze the app analytics if you want to stay at the top of the game. You will know what parts of the app are performing, and what parts are not. You will also know what the latest trends are, and whether your app has them or not. The data will fill you in with insights that can help refine your app for the success of your business.

Summing up

If you want to be a successful app entrepreneur, it is important you pick up all these habits and practice them on a daily basis. It should be integral to your existence, which will benefit you in devising a good app solution for your business.

Regular meditation and staying away from the app for a short while can also help you redefine solutions. The idea is to stay calm and keep doing your work so that you get the desired results.

Sourodip BiswasAbout the Author:
Sourodip Biswas works with a team of experienced mobile app developers at Space-O Canada, a leading mobile app development company in Toronto. He spends his time researching technologies and mobile apps. His work has been published on various distinguished blogs across the web.
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