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Features of a Successful Click and Collect System

The Click and Collect mode of delivery has been a blessing for not only customers but enterprises as well. While customers enjoy picking up their products without any hassle at their convenient place and time. By adopting this method, enterprises have seen a significant increase in their sales, positive customer feedback, saving on their shipping prices, and so on. Providing for both a speedy and robust managed tap-and-collect-product system. 

What is Click and Collect?

The Click-and-Collect system is quite simple and an efficient initiative, undertaken by retailers for the safe delivery of products. In this system, you simply order an item or items online and complete the payment online as well. You then choose a specific store that is the nearest to your location and at any convenient time, when you reach the store with the purchase and delivery confirmed e-mail, the products are handed to you by an official at the store. 

Here are a few original features adopted by organizations to run a successful click and collect system:

  • An Assigned Spot – Some stores assign an added exclusive space to a spot for their consumers to come and collect their online ordered product. It may be at the front of the store or in their parking space or even in-store. This also lets them beat the other customer queues at the shop and enjoy a more efficient delivery of their booked product.
  • An Efficient Notifying System – To assure the running of a smooth and efficient click-and-collect system, an enterprise needs to maintain a strong notification system. This includes timely notifying the customer of when their product is ready for pickup, what they need to have or provide at the time of pickup when the store opens, and what is the maximum time they can pick up their product by and so on. If possible, notifying the consumer by reaching them on various channels such as E-mail and by directly messaging them, provides for increased efficiency.
  • Timely Delivery – Most organizations guarantee a certain delivery time by which you can expect that your order is ready to be picked up. For instance, the Superdrug click and collect offers to its customers one of the fastest systems. Where their desired beauty or health products are ready to be delivered within merely thirty minutes. 
  • Amending or Cancellation of Orders – Most enterprises allow at least a given period within which a customer can alter, cancel or at least make certain changes to their delivered product. 
  • Flexible Payment – In 2021 online payment modes are preferred over cash. And thankfully with the click and collect system you can easily tap and pay for your products online and pick them up whenever and wherever. The Iceland Click and Collect enables its users to purchase their online grocery list items, frozen or non-frozen online, by using Visa or Master cards, PayPal, and other modes.
  • A Safe Storage Space – While a customer might want a quick pickup of their products, it is also possible that they are late due to some inconvenience. Some stores assign a separate safe storage space for click-and-collect orders so that they can be swiftly delivered at their peak conditions, to the customers upon arrival at their convenient time. 

Certain stores also assign specific lockers or secure collection points to customers from where they can pick their items up without having to spend extensive manpower. 

  • Strong Customer-Retailer Communication – There needs to be transparent and proper communication between the customer and retailer. So that there is no inconvenience faced by the customer trying to search where they can pick their items up. This enhanced communication will also help provide more personalized service. For example, if a customer buys a certain tan-removal cream, the assigned official can suggest a tan-removal scrub or other related products for a better effect. This benefits both the consumer and the retailer.

The necessity for no-contact deliveries currently in 2021 has inspired more and more enterprises to adopt a click-and-collect servicing system ensuring safety and consumer convenience. 

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