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Can You Substitute Your Router with a Mobile Phone Permanently?

The internet is a necessity in the modern age of communication. It's also a system that can be expensive and limited depending on where you live. In some places, finding reliable and high-speed internet can be simple and cheap, while one town over, the cost and reliability can find themselves on the opposite side of the spectrum. There is another way, however, which while not perfect, can still deliver a cheap, reliable, and viable option for the internet on home devices. This is connecting through a dedicated mobile hotspot.

What Can a Hotspot Do?

For low-demand connection and uses, a mobile hotspot-style connection will usually be able to operate at full speed without compromise. Consider a common use like if you play online slots for real money at a modern digital casino. The games here like Dynamite Riches and Mustang Gold are already built with mobiles in mind, so using mobile connections won’t be a problem. The same can be said for general browsing of the site, and checking out the more demanding sections like live games. Mobiles are more than fast and reliable enough to cover this ground, and that's just the start.

Where Will it Fall Short?

Mobile hotspots aren’t the target-built machines that routers are, so you can’t expect them to deliver everything a router can. A mobile hotspot offers a range much more limited than with a router, wall penetration won’t be as good, and the speeds you can expect probably aren’t going to compare to a wired system. It's often still possible to watch a high-def video stream like those on Hulu or YouTube, but any kind of low-latency interaction is probably not going to be viable. Weather can be an issue, where storms and rain can degrade signals. This might not matter so much for low demand systems, like online casino games, but it could cause buffering and drops in high-def videos.


How To Make it Work?

The idea behind adopting a mobile hotspot full-time is that unlimited data connections for mobiles can be much cheaper than unlimited plans for cabled internet. To make the most of this, it's possible to turn mobiles into a permanent connection point as long as you're only intending to use the internet within a limited space.

A phone used as a hotspot is best left as a dedicated device, if possible. Hotspot functionality will drain a battery quickly, so a hotspot device needs to be plugged in at all times. A plugged-in system isn't going to be especially mobile, so it can be best to use a spare phone for this purpose. Second-hand phones can be great in this regard, as they'll be cheaper than new ones while still delivering what you want.

To find a carrier, you’ll want to look for an up-to-date website that compares the different connections in your area. You’ll also want to measure these speeds against what your phone can do, and the coverage available in your area. There’s no point paying extra for 5G if your phone doesn’t offer 5G, or if it’s not available in your area, for example. 


Adopting a mobile hotspot is an uncommon idea, but it can still work extremely well. From playing low-demand online casino games to watching high-definition video streams, doing your taxes, or just video chatting, these systems offer more than is commonly known. Many areas still offer cabled solutions for a decent price, so consider what this option can bring, and the savings could really add up.

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