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Take These 4 Steps to Scale Your Amazon Business

In the eCommerce realm, there’s one undisputed leader: Amazon.

In fact, 55 percent of online shoppers begin their product searches on the platform. In 2021 alone, the marketplace raked in a mind-blowing$107 + billion in total sales — that’s over $12 million in sales every 60 minutes.

Better yet, Amazon Prime has over 54 million members, and the number keeps rising.

If Prime were a country, it’d boast a population of over 8 million more people than Spain, becoming the 27th most populous nation on the planet.

These numbers are dizzying for sure, and it’s not surprising that Amazon has attracted nearly 10 million sellers across the globe, with 1.9 actively selling on the platform.

Do you know what this means?

It implies cutthroat competition on the platform as sellers scramble to grab a sizable market share.

But, with so many online shoppers thronging the website every day, there are enough spoils for everyone — you only need to know what to do and what to stand out.

This post shares practical strategies you can implement today to scale your Amazon business and, by extension, boost your profits.

Let’s dive right into it.

1. Run an Amazon PPC Campaign

Amazon PPC Campaign

For starters, Amazon PPC is a per-per-click advertising service that presents the shopper with ads for products they’re likely to buy. 

With Amazon PPC, you only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad.

You can leverage Amazon PPC to generate brand awareness, drive sales, increase your Amazon Store visits, etc.

Advertising on Amazon is one of the easiest and most effective ways a seller can generate sales fast and boost revenue.

Having a well-thought-out advertising strategy is crucial for every Amazon business, irrespective of its size. With over 350 million products on the marketplace, your listings can easily get lost in the noise.

Still, the Amazon advertising system is becoming increasingly complex, making it hard for sellers to track campaigns and their KPIs.

This is especially true if you want to run profitable campaigns without burning through your budget or selling merchandise on several Amazon marketplaces.

The good news is that you can use Amazon PPC software tools to help you set up, manage, monitor, and optimize your campaigns.

While there are Amazon PPC management tools, most aren’t worth your attention. Thebest Amazon PPC software offers a wide range of features to help you run a data-backed campaign, making your life easier.

2. Leverage Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry is a system that lets store owners on the platform access a wide range of tools to enhance their business, protect their brand and offer better, satisfying customer experiences.

Signing up for the Amazon brand registry can be a game-changer if you’re trying to take your Amazon business to the next level.

Whether you want to keep tabs on your store’s performance or find new strategies to reach prospects, Amazon Brand Registry has a tool for you.

Here are some benefits of signing up for Amazon’s Brand Registry Program:

You Can Protect Your Brand’s Product Listings

Amazon Brand Registry allows you to enjoy complete protection for your product listings.

You control how your product listing info is displayed on Amazon by protecting your listings. On top of that, you get to decide how you want to promote your merchandise.

Protecting your product listing is crucial when scaling your Amazon business since you don’t have to bother 3rd party Amazon sellers tampering with your listing’s info.

Apart from that, it helps protect your advertising data.

It Enables You to Boost Sales and Conversions

When you protect your Amazon listings, you’ll experience a sales increase. Why? Because customers will always find your products when they type in your targeted search terms and not products belonging to third parties.

This means you need to stay competitive and on point, while at the same time you need to run a campaign for an e-commerce brand with hundreds of products. This can become quite challenging and without using automation technology, most likely you’ll have a hard time. There are so many factors you’ll have to pay close attention to like overcoming the lack of design resources, creating powerful and engaging ads for all channels at the same time, ad personalization, and so on. In order to have full control over this, you really need to understand creative automation and use its maximum potential.

You Can Understand Your Customers Better

Think about it.

How well do you know your customer? With Amazon Brand Registry’s analytics function, you can access customer search data and your prospect’s buying patterns.

This way, you can identify products working best with your target market and phrases they’re using to find your merchandise.

You can then use these analytics to enhance your products and customer experience.

You Can Access Amazon A+ Content Function

Amazon Brand Registry boasts A+ Content Manager, a feature that you can use to enhance your product’s listings.

The idea is to make it easier to showcase your unique value proposition and overcome your customer’s objections.

You Can Deliver a Better Shopping Experience

Amazon Brand Registry gives you access to tools that can help you improve customer engagement.

You can use the super intuitive store builder, for instance, to create an easy-to-navigate Amazon storefront. You can also leverage Sponsored Brand Ads to draw traffic to your merchandise.

In addition, signing up for Brand Registry lets you enjoy better support from Amazon, including handling your complaints swiftly and efficiently.

3. Use High-Quality Images and Videos

High-Quality Images and Videos

When your prospects go to Amazon, 75 percent start by searching for items on the search bar.

They enter the product’s name or description, hit the enter button, and browse the results. 

When they see an item they like, they’ll click on it to find out more — and therein lies the reason Amazon listing images are vital.

Customers buy what looks good — that’s just how it is in any industry or category. 

For your Amazon business, the truth lies in your images and video. Even when your merchandise is on the first page, the customer will need to click on the listing. 

Captivating imagery triggers and draw’s the shopper’s interest. The video then comes into play, convincing the prospect that your product is the best for them.

Let’s look at how top-notch videos and product videos can help scale your Amazon business.


Quality Amazon listing images can enable you to achieve several things, including:

It Makes Your Merchandise Attractive

Here’s the thing.

Some items aren’t that appealing to look at, more so through a screen, yet customers still expect to be impressed. 

Leveraging high-quality product imagery enables you to change the point of view, shape light, and edit photos to transform wishy-washy into vibrant and attractive.

It Dispels Confusion 

Products that come in pairs may vary in color, size, and components, so your customers must know exactly what they’re buying. 

Good photography can help answer these questions. Remember, you may experience low conversion if a customer isn’t sure what they’re getting. 

It Triggers Emotional Response 

Apart from helping you highlight product features, high-quality product images can help you highlight the positive experiences shoppers enjoy because of using your product.

Suppose you’re selling kid’s bikes, for instance. In that case, images showing a smiling child on a bike with beaming parents in the background can create emotional rapport with the shoppers enabling them to visualize their kids enjoying the products. 

Shoppers are more likely to convert if a product emotionally engages them.


Videos offer the same benefits as images and more. With product video, you can:

Showcase Your Brand’s Personality 

Video enables you to bring out elements of your brand’s personality quickly. If your brand is known to be vibrant and upbeat, video allows you to reinforce that reputation effectively, enabling shoppers to connect more with your brand.

It Offers Reassurance

Seeing a product in action is one of the quickest ways for buyers to determine if a product suits their needs. 

If a prospect can feel that your product can do what it promises, they get the assurance they need to complete the buying process. 

One more thing — nailing images and product videos improve your page rankings on Amazon search results, helping boost CTR and sales.

4. Get Lots of Reviews

Statistics indicate that 84 percent of shoppers liken reviews to a personal recommendation. In fact, 91 percent of online buyers read reviews before buying.

Why? … Because reviews add trust and transparency to the shopping experience, customers are more willing to purchase.

While reviews are essential for customers, they’re also crucial for your Amazon business, especially if you’re looking to scale.

Reviews directly affect your brand’s reputation and can be their final push to convince your prospect to buy or look elsewhere.

On top of that, the number of reviews you have affects your search engine optimization (SEO) since Google factors search results.

Amazon strategically places reviews before product specs and details. This means that customer feedback comes before your marketing message and even has a rollover graphic on the search page.

For this reason, you’ll want to get as many positive reviews as possible.

While reviews may not necessarily determine where your product listing appears on Amazon, they certainly affect conversion. Numbers show that 22 percent of buyers will go straight to reviews once they’ve identified a product they want to buy.

Here are some strategies you can use to get more Amazon reviews:

  • Send personalized review requests to customers via email once they buy
  • Include a product insert requesting reviews
  • Request reviews via your email newsletter
  • Signup for the Amazon Early Reviewer program
  • Submit your products to Amazon vine
  • Ask for reviews on social media

Also, handle negative reviews objectively. You can, for instance, apologize or offer to fix the problem.

The Bottom Line 

Amazon’s dominance in the eCommerce circles is lucrative for sellers that master the art of the game.

While these aren’t the only strategies you can use to grow your Amazon business, they’re some of the most effective.

The sooner you start implementing them, the better. To your success!

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