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Stable and Nondropping App Signature

Nondropping App Signature

This is a friendly reminder that your app signature should never drop. The app signature is the name of your app that appears on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The purpose of the signature is to make it easy for users to find your application if they want to download it again or share it with friends. If your signature drops, then this could mean that users will have trouble finding your application. In some cases, it may even cause them not to install the app in the first place!

Some reasons why your app signature drops 

Some reasons why your app signature drops are:

  • Overusing the signature which leads to signature saturation.
  • Using low-quality signatures.
  • The signature is too short.
  • Making unnecessary changes to the signature over time. Signature saturation occurs when there are too many signatures on a page and it becomes difficult to read through them all. This is especially problematic for mobile users who will have to scroll through the page to reach other content.

Overusing the signature which leads to signature saturation:

  • Signature saturation is when your app signature is overused.
  • Signature saturation can lead to your app signature dropping.
  • Signature saturation can lead to your app signature being blacklisted by Google, Apple, and Microsoft.
  • Signature saturation can lead to your app signature being removed from the store.
  • Signature saturation can lead to your app signature being banned by Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Signature saturation is when your app signature is used in too many places on the Internet. Signature saturation occurs when people use your app signature in inappropriate places or when they use it without authorization from you, the developer.

Using low-quality signatures

The signature of your app is a crucial part of its security and integrity. The signature should be high quality, unique, and kept updated. This is because:

  • The signature should be high quality--it should include all information needed to verify that the app hasn't been modified since it was signed. This also means that it's not just a hash of the binary (like most developers do).
  • The signature should be unique--if two apps have identical signatures, then they're effectively equivalent from a security standpoint (they both contain the same code), regardless of whether one copy has been modified from another copy or not!

The signature being too short

Ideally, you will want your signature to be as short as possible so that it can be easily detected. The shorter the signature, the smaller your chance of it dropping and being detected by antivirus software.

However, if you make it too short (such as only having one line), then there's a higher chance that it could be identified as a virus.

If you're going to use a very short signature, it's best if the first line is your username and the second line is just one letter. This will make it hard for antivirus software to detect whether your signature is valid.

Making numerous unnecessary changes to the signature

Don’t make too many changes to your app signature.

Adding new fields can be useful for some purposes, for example, when you want to collect additional data about a particular user. But don't add more than you need. It may slow down the process of adding an app to your device and make it difficult for users to identify what's being signed in the first place. Also, if you change these fields frequently, it may cause a problem when verifying whether an Android device has updated its software properly (see below).

Be careful how you use your app signature

  • Use your app signature wisely. Don't overuse it or use a low-quality signature. You can only change your app signature once every 30 days and there is no way to cancel changes to it once they've been made.
  • Avoid making unnecessary changes to your signature, such as changing the background color or font size/style.

The app signature should be clear and concise. Include the name of your business, a short description of what you do, and how people can reach you (address/phone number). Don't use a flashy background or colors that are difficult to read.


To summarize, in this article we discussed why your app signature drops and some ways to avoid it. It is important to use the signature wisely and not ruin its quality with unnecessary changes. This way you can make sure that your app stays visible on the Google Play Store for as long as possible.

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