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How SoundCloud Has Been Tricked for Years

Cybersecurity cases have spiked in the recent past, and SoundCloud users reported being targeted by scammers with dubious motives.

According to ThreatTrack Security, cybersecurity professionals warned that criminals uploaded several files that used popular TV series and shows to trick users click spammed content.

The links attached to the files lead to websites with paid services, fake prizes, Trojans, and surveys used by unscrupulous people to scam users.

It has been used for over a year, but there is new evidence that suggests its existence for years.

Spammers add notes and promote hyperlinks that automatically redirect you to specific pages and to installations on which they want to drive traffic.

In some cases, users have reported getting a massive number of likes immediately they uploaded content, and the companies from which they receive the likes are usually some “record company” that is possibly a bot trying to redirect them elsewhere.

One user reported a bot named “RamenRecords,” registered in November 2017, and possibly a tool for cybercrime from Panama. Since their registered domain lasts only a year and neither has an address nor a phone number, this domain is owned by scammers.

This trend epitomizes the contrast between some excellent content on SoundCloud and illegal content, possibly uploaded by scammer for their ill-motives.

You should have noticed that there are a couple of websites offering a spike in account popularity in exchange for money, which is a violation of SoundCloud’s terms of service.

Such offers are usually fraudulent, and the fact that you might risk account suspension, as well as the inclusion of monetary deals, is enough evidence that having fraudulent activity is unsafe.

Another way that scammers have mined reasonable amounts of ill-gotten money from unsuspecting users is by tricking them into doing something. They often present such deals in an incredibly useful way – which is likely to lead you to some links or install a Trojan in your device without your knowledge.

SoundCloud sometimes has professional identities and names that do not reflect the actual user of the account as a platform built by creative minds. This makes the fake users of the account post things they wouldn’t take responsibility for and use other people’s trademarks through tag and track titles.

Protecting yourself in online platforms like SoundCloud is imperative. While it is obvious to prevent unwanted access to your personal information, you should understand the risks and how to mitigate them.

Here are some essential takeaways to note when using SoundCloud:

  • Take note of an exponential increase in likes when you upload content to SoundCloud. Such likes are an epitome of scams, and you should report them.
  • If you’re given an offer that seems too good to be true, it certainly is untrue. Look for some examples of related scams and find out if it started like the one you’re offered.
  • Beware of fellow members who request for access to your content like private tracks since the one represented in that profile may not be who they claim they are.

When interacting with people online, you should always take extra precautions since those who claim to be represented in those profiles may be potential scammers and not an accurate representation of who they are.


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