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Social Media and Cheating, Let’s Find the Connect

Social Media and Cheating

Doing anything that relates to infidelity would not be appreciated by your partner is also cheating. As social media opens horizons to the endless world and gives us access to people globally most of us tend to make new friends and get deviated by physical attributions. Also hiding things from your partner about your activities on social media that are linked to flirting or extramarital relationship is social media cheating.

The sex and family therapist Jaclyn Cravens Pickens, Director of Texas Tech’s Addictive Disorders and Recovery Studies Program has been studying the relationship between social media and infidelity. According to her, people married for years catch up on their old flings on social media and steady conversations involve them together. She also adds that feeling attracted to people vacating and putting nice pictures without knowing the reality behind them is infidelity.

How To Catch Your Partner Cheating on Social Media?

Many social media cheating apps track the activities of your partner’s social media account. By accessing your partner’s social media site passwords, it will become easier to catch them. Try to access their phone. You might find relevant information. Changing their privacy settings without letting them know can also make their posts publicly visible.

Social Media and Cheating
  1. Apps To Monitor Snapchat on Android and iPhone

You can download the free Snapchat spy app on your android smartphone or iPhone. This application will give you access to messages sent and received on your partner’s phone. It gives access to deleted messages, photos, videos, and chat history. They also provide access to the timestamp for better proof. This application makes your task easier and stress-free. Most applications provide additional features on paid versions.

  1. How To See What Someone Likes on Facebook?

Checking if someone has liked a post of a hidden friend on Facebook is easy. This helps you to keep a check on their changing behavior. When you open Facebook in the right upper corner, click on the magnifier and search the profile by their name. When you click on about info, you will be directed to the pages they liked. You can also view pictures, videos, and other content the user likes. It can also give you details about different Facebook groups the user is active on. However, changing privacy settings is an option that allows your partner or spouse to block access to this information.

  1. Find Out If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating on WhatsApp?

It is easy to check if your boyfriend is cheating on WhatsApp. Firstly try to gain access to his phone and check archived and live chats. Go to the WhatsApp media section to see if there had been any exchange of photos or videos. Ask your boyfriend to give you access to his phone. If he hesitates and refuses,it assures infidelity.

  1. Instagram Activity Tracking Apps

You can download the Instagram spy apps to check the Instagram activities of your partner. This app provides easy access to chats, photos, and videos. Most partners can easily cheat on Instagram as it gives easy access to a bigger audience. You can also get access to deleted chats and photos through the Instagram spy app. These applications help you decide upon your existing relationship and if your partner is cheating on you.

Social Media Cheating Statistics

Social media gets you identification globally. With so many privacy settings it has become easier to cheat on social media. Many statistics are revealed now and then which show social media cheating statistics. It is estimated that 10% of affairs start online, and they don't consider past relationship status at all. Revenge infidelity accounts for almost 9% of cheating behavior. Also, 36 percent of professionals have affairs at workplaces apart from being in a relationship. Surprisingly 22% of men on social media have cheated on their partners. Also, 14% of women have cheated on their partners on social media.

What Is Micro-Cheating on Social Media?

Social Media and Cheating

Micro cheating on social media is dangerous for a relationship. It is an act of developing inappropriate connections outside your relationship. It is a mental illness and leads to severe consequences. It includes emotional fantasies with others, seeking out small flirting opportunities on social media, creating tinder profiles for fun, and most importantly trying to gain access to the personal lives of your past relationships. It is all about denying yourself your real relationship status.

Is Communicating with Someone Online Always Cheating?

Communicating with someone online is not cheating. If you think that something needs to be hidden about this conversation then it is infidelity. If you can discuss the conversation with your partner or friends, it is harmless and not cheating on social media.

Joyce Marter, licensed psychotherapist and CEO of Urban Balance, Chicago says, “Social media does propel fire of cheating on your partner to which the boundaries in any relationship may blur with time.”

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