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SmartWash Clone App:
Earn a Million with the Website

It's no shocker that people are always on their Mobile Phones using one App or the other for their Entertainment, playing games, or even hiring a Beautician. Then why not appoint a Car Wash Expert? Car Washing is one of the leading industries, especially in the United States. With about 8 million cars getting washed every day, why don’t you capture at least a Million of them? Now you must be thinking how. Well, combine the strengths of a SmartWash Clone App and website!


As an entrepreneur, you might be thinking that why would someone book a Car Washing Service using a Website when they can do it with an App? Not denying the fact that Mobile Apps have dominated the Industries and a huge chunk of the population of Smartphone Users. But, the question is what about non-smartphone users? How would they book a car washing service if they want to?

This is when a Book with a Website service will come into play!

Let me list down a couple of perks and benefits of a Website for your On-Demand Business.

  • Showcase your business

Uber For Car Wash Website is one of the best ways to display your business’s work to your online customers. Your business can use the photo galleries, testimonials from various customers, or feedback to make your business look more appealing, unique, and noteworthy.

In short, you will capture the attention of a bigger audience.

  • Educates your Customers

A Website acts as a free Educational Platform for your products and services. You can offer free advice to visitors about your business and what you do. The visitors can have a quick look at the different car washing services, book a service, and view other customers’ feedback via the On Demand Car Wash App Website.


Here is some alluring stuff that your Website could do.

Select your Preferred Language

Users booking a Car Washing Service via the website can select their preferred language to scroll through the website, book the services, and even rate their experience. English as their first language, the Website allows users to pick one from an assortment including;

  • Malay
  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  • Portuguese
  • Filipino
  • Vietnamese
  • Thai
  • French
  • Indonesian

Easy Registration Process

For first-time users, the Uber For Car Wash Website allows them to manage their account, pay for the service, etc. by registering themselves using Social Media Credentials. While Registering the Users are asked to fill in their names, Email IDs, phone numbers, and referral code.

The Users have to log in via their Email ID or Mobile Number.

Book the Service at Their Preferred Date and Time

Similar to the SmartWash Clone App, the users can schedule the service via Website Booking as well. So, while booking the service, the user only needs to select the service type, discount code (if any), and simply continue to select their preferred date and time before hiring an Expert.

Select your preferred Service Provider

The Website user can also select their preferred service provider just like they would do on the App. By selecting the required service, date, and time, a filtered result would appear with all the nearby car washing experts enlisted on the screen. Now, the users can view their profile and assign the car washer!


If you haven’t already, then start thinking about how much profit your business can earn by providing your services via the App as well as the Website.

On Demand Car Wash App is the way to go up to reach the pinnacle of success in this widespread industry. Take this opportunity and win even a non-smartphone user base without having to spend any extra money on building a Website separately!

Get an absolutely FREE Website with the purchase of the Clone App Package!

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