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Smart Devices and Their Bright Future

What started as a dream for the future has become the living reality for many consumers today. They have a home that takes care of itself. Now that’s not to say that any home today is completely self sufficient. Instead, they have smart devices which make one or two aspects of the home easier to navigate or autonomous.

One of the prominent of these is the smart speaker. These alongside smart TV’s can serve as a hub to many other activities. Other smart devices like a smart lock or lightbulb just make the processes of the home easy. Smart security is a growing market at large, everyone wants to keep their home safe. 

The biggest issue today is that smart devices are expensive. Most consumers think they’re overpriced, but most who own one would buy another. This is an issue that will only lessen with time. The trend can be seen in how many consumers today have a smart device. 69% of American households have a smart device, and that number will only rise. 

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