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How Retail Brands Benefit from
Skin Smoothing Video Filters

Skin smoothing video filter is a software tool that allows users to change a person's photo or video. It smoothes out or completely eliminates defects in appearance, gives your skin a healthy look, and makes your lips plump and bright (you can choose your lipstick at your own discretion). There is a skin smoothing video filter to change your appearance. Its advantages lie in its ease of use. The software is used by such companies as Yandex, Gucci, Meta.

It is suitable for bloggers, users of social networks and sellers of products. For some, changing the face becomes just a game. For others, it is an opportunity to show a new image to relatives, friends and subscribers. For thirds, it increases the sales of advertised products. Users get rid of self-doubt, which improves their social interactions. 

skin smoothing video filter

Definition of skin smoothing video filter and examples of use 

Skin smoothing video filter is a software tool for improving the appearance on videos. In addition to a computer or laptop, it can be used on cell phones. Two versions are available - for iOS and Android. One of them is downloaded in advance, taking into account the operating system of your smartphone.

The software replaced two cameras whose developers used anti-aliasing and skin softening effects. These include the Canon G7X Mark II series and the Sony A5100. Their peculiarity is retractable monitors, thanks to which users can see themselves while shooting. 

Julie Camille spoke about the advantage of using cameras when creating videos for YouTube in 2017. She's a blogger who had 40,000 subscribers at that time. She posted two photos side by side on Twitter. For one, a skin-smoothing filter was used. For the second one, no filter was used. 

skin smoothing video filter

The result of using the filter is hard to see with the naked eye. The only way to notice the improvement is to compare it with the real photo. 

There are examples of using the skin smoothing video filter SDK. For example, Veronica told us about her first experience with photo editing. 

  1. At the time the software was tested, the girl was 14 years old.
  2. Classmates liked the new technology.
  3. More than half the class played with the software.

Her younger sister Sophia had a different opinion. She changed her appearance at age 12 in such a way that she looked much older than her age. 

The emergence of augmented reality filters on social media was an opportunity to attract new subscribers and activate old ones. With the new technology, users played, appreciating the possibilities:

  • turn into an animal;
  • grow a mustache;
  • change their face. 

Veronica and Sofia now use built-in filters, which work after installing the appropriate software on their cell phones. Both sisters improve videos for TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. They say that with the help of the software, teenage girls get a model look.

Veronica saved old photos on her iPhone, which were taken with the camera and transferred from the computer. On them, the girl looks great. With the help of additions, she made:

  • tanned skin;
  • open lips;
  • wide-open eyes. 
skin smoothing video filter

Banuba is one of the popular software brands. Shooting is 35 to 40 frames per second. Other important characteristics include processing time. It is 1 to 2 seconds long. Among the pros there are the following:

  • makeup and facial retouching;
  • working with photos and video calls;
  • one-click video up. 

There are versions to help retail brands. They can be used when selling decorative cosmetics, clothes, handbags, interior items. Augmented reality becomes the basis of the technology. 

rskin smoothing video filter

Brands are taking advantage of the flowering of the selfie culture to increase sales. Filters are becoming automated tools that can be used to change photos. The main features are the use of computer vision and artificial intelligence.

Objects seen by the "camera" can be interpreted in different ways. The setting of the software depends on the personal preferences of the users. After a face is detected, the computer (cell phone) overlays a pattern on the face. It consists of many points and resembles a topographic grid. Then innovations are made. For example, a person's eyes change color or devil horns appear. 

There are clothes designers who have used web-based Augmented Reality technology. It was developed by Banuba. Potential customers visit a virtual trying-on room. The customer scans his body, so items in the wrong size "fit" poorly. They are either too tight or hang down. To make the choice easier, fit recommendations are used. 

If there are five or more colors in the catalog, you can try on clothes from each of them. It turns out which jacket fits better (red or blue). Another possibility is to look at the thing in motion (thanks to the visualization). The increase in sales is due to playing with the software. For example, it helps to improve the complexion of the face or make the lips plump. 

skin smoothing video filter

If you want, you can change the shade of hair in one click. For example, make the strands blue, purple or pink. This technique is suitable for beauty salons and sellers of dyes (tonics and other products) for hair. Before visiting a hair salon or making a purchase, customers can analyze the new product (suitable or not). As a result, an informed purchase decision is made. 

skin smoothing video filter

Expert opinion about augmented reality beauty

Experts study augmented reality beauty and give their opinion on the technology. The impact of social media and video on humans has been studied by three experts. 

  1. Sanam Hafeez, a psychotherapist from New York.
  2. Pamela Rutledge, a doctor of philosophy. 
  3. Dana Myers, a social worker.

They participated in the study together. After it was completed, a unified conclusion was drawn. The researchers argue that the human brain is not designed for social media. People judge video quality by the number of likes. Modified photos make viewers feel emotions. 

Dana says that a world without filters is impossible. In her opinion, it is necessary to combine the development of technology with the care of human physical development. It is important to eliminate the dependence on the phone or watching news in the media. 

One of the advantages of new technology is the opportunity to treat patients with the help of appropriate software. For example, patients' stories or real hospital interiors can be shown. 

Photographer and makeup artist Caroline Rocha gave her opinion. In 2018, she lost the urge to live because of health issues. Filters provided an opportunity to change her reality. She tried on jewelry and makeup and traveled. Experimenting, she began to design her own filters for Instagram. An art history class at school helped develop her artistic talent. 

Mark Wakefield says the software is suitable for designers. By using it, he makes a human portrait look darker. The face becomes like one with a racing heartbeat. 

4 Benefits of Skin Smoothing Video Filters for Retail

There are benefits for companies that retail hair dyes and decorative cosmetics. There are four of them:

  1. Cost minimization. There is no need to create software from scratch. It can be bought ready-made, ordering additions.
  2. Reduced time to enter the market. In case of advertising in social networks, retailers can immediately make themselves and the promoted product known. There is no need to spend time and money making presentations in crowded places.
  3. Increased sales. Customers are testing more and more products in a playful way. They tend to buy the products they like.
  4. Reducing crowding at the counters. Customers who want a particular product come in. They know as much information about it as possible.


Makeup filter online is an opportunity to immediately change the appearance on a video. The technology allows sellers to give the appearance of actors to any employees or marketing specialists. Makeup filters are used to remove imperfections from faces. Another benefit of using augmented reality technology is attracting new customers.

They not only experiment with their appearance virtually. For example, they can try on the clothes they like before making a purchase. They can walk around the room in it, see themselves sitting on the sofa or walking around the house. The bag is correlated with your real height.

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