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Simple Trick to Import Photos from iPhone to Windows 11/10/8/7

Why Do You Want to Import Photos from iPhone to Windows 11?

Many people want to import photos from iPhone to Windows 11 primarily for the following three reasons: 

  • Fixed insufficient storage problem. 

The iPhone can take beautiful photos. With an iPhone, everyone enjoys excellent image quality. However, as your photo collection grows every day, you're using free space on your iPhone, which may force your iPhone to work oddly. 4K photos and HD videos on your iPhone use good storage, making it difficult to leave enough storage space for files, apps and other important information. For this, it is important to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows Desktop. 

  • Make a backup of your photos. 

iPhone users tend to keep backup copies of their valuable images for further use. If you want to have a long-term sorting plan for your photos and want to save your iPhone photos securely in a backup, you need to transfer photos from your iPhone to your desktop PC. 

  • View the image on the big screen. 

Are you taking beautiful photos with your iPhone or iPad and you want to be able to see them on your computer, or maybe you might want to do a post-processing on your desktop before sharing these pictures with your friends. Are you in one of the situations? At the moment, you may need to transfer photos from your iPhone to your Windows desktop using the tool in this guide.

How to Import Photos from iPhone to Windows 11 via FoneTool

One of the best ways to transfer iPhone photos to Windows 11 desktop is to rely on iPhone transfer software, and FoneTool may be your best choice to finish the transfer process quickly and easily. 

Why Choose FoneTool

Why choose FoneTool to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows PC? The main features and advantages of FoneTool can answer this question.

✓ Clear and easy-to-use interface.

To make the transfer process easier, FoneTool makes the interface as simple as possible. In addition, with just a few clicks, you can complete the task.
✓ Show sample and selection process.

Unlike iCloud or iTunes, you can view samples and transfer photos from iPhone to PC for free and unlimited.
✓ Fast transfer speed. 

You can import 100 photos from iPhone to computer in 2 seconds with the help of FoneTool. 

✓ No data loss. 

It will not delete any data from your iPhone. In addition, photos stored in camera rolls or other albums will be transferred in original quality without any damage.
✓ Wide compatibility.

FoneTool is well compatible with iPhone types from iPhone 4 to the latest iPhone 15, as well as different versions of iPad and iPod. It also supports different versions of Windows OS, including Windows 11 and older.

Step-by-Step to Import Photos from iPhone to Windows 11 via FoneTool

Now, you can go to the official FaneTool website and download the software for your PC. Once the download is complete, follow simple instructions on how to install freeware on your computer. 

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to PC using USB cable. 

Connect iPhone to your PC. Make sure your iPhone is unlocked and trust the connected computer. 

Step 2. Open FoneTool. 

Open FaneTool on your PC. The software will automatically detect your connected iPhone. Click “Trust” on your iPhone to proceed.


Step 3. Select Image Transfer. 

In FoneTool to Phone Transfer feature, select "iPhone to PC". This will allow you to manage and transfer photos from your iPhone. 

Step 4. Select the photo to transfer. 

Search in your iPhone photo library and select the photo you want to transfer. You can select a specific image or all folders. Click OK.

Step 5. Start the transfer process.

You can change the target to save your iPhone photos from Transfer Settings. Once you've checked everything, click on the Start Transfer button to start the process. FoneTool will safely transfer selected photos from your iPhone to your PC. 

Step 6. Image Check.

After the transfer is complete, please go to the specified folder on your computer to view the images. Make sure all images are transferred correctly and in their original quality.


Importing photos from iPhone to Windows 11 has become a necessary activity in today's digital age. With FoneTool, this process is easy, safe and reliable. Its user-friendly design, extensive capabilities and compatibility with many iPhone models make it one of the best free image transfer software options. Then why wait? Download FoneTool today and enjoy a smooth image transfer experience!

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