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Shifting to a Future of Digital Engagement

Covid-19 greatly impacted the ways that employees communicate, travel, and attend events. Hybrid and virtual events are becoming more normalized, as modes of communication and travel are changing drastically. The shift to digital engagement has caused a skyrocket in email and video conference usage, as well as a decrease in frequent business travel.

In 2020, 70% of physical events were switched to hybrid and virtual. In 2022, these digital events remain popular, with 40% still being planned as virtual and 35% as hybrid. Audiences as a whole have moved to digital platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. In fact, Microsoft Teams saw 894% growth from March 2020 to June 2020.

Although these digital engagement platforms are immensely helpful during these unprecedented times, poorly designed platforms create challenges. Employees often experience technology issues, poor communication, loss of productivity, and physical ailments from spending too much time in front of a screen.

Despite these challenges, people prefer to attend an event online, and businesses need virtual events. Hybrid events are also popular, with the goal being to create the best experience for every audience. With tools like gamification of an event, or utilizing the versatility of the metaverse, the possibilities are endless. The pandemic forever changed the way that we interact and gather, leading many businesses and organizations to find success in ways never imagined before...

Future of Digital Engagement


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