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SFP+ Optical Transmission Module Simulation Test Software

Aiming at the problems of high test cost and large individual differences of different devices in small hot-pluggable (SFP+) optical transmission modules in actual use, this paper proposes to use the simulation method to simulate and test optical transmission modules, thereby reducing the dependence on test hardware. For the SFP+ optical transmission module, electrical characteristic parameters such as bit error rate, eye diagram and signal bandwidth are selected as the main parameters to measure the quality of the transmission signal, the test principle is investigated, and the test model is established.

The optical communication system simulation software OptiSystem is used to establish a simulation model, simulate and test each parameter, and obtain multiple sets of test data under the combination of different key design parameters. The test results show that the working center wavelength of the optical transmission module and the transmit power of the optical transmitter have the most significant influence on the quality of the transmitted signal.

The method proposed in this paper can simulate and test the optical transmission module, and obtain the bit error rate, eye diagram and signal bandwidth of the device under test. At the same time, after the key design parameters are changed, the feedback information of the performance parameters can be obtained in time, which makes the test of the optical module more convenient.

SFP+ Optical Transmission Module

Optical transmission module is a device module that uses light as a carrier to transmit electrical signals. It has the advantages of small size and high confidentiality. It is widely used in aerospace, communication and Internet fields, and plays an important role in the process of information transmission. In actual use, there are problems such as a huge amount of use, difficult statistics of working parameters, and difficulty in monitoring the working state. Therefore, before the optical transmission module is put into use, it is necessary to accurately detect the signal transmission performance and quality of the optical transmission module.

Most of the conventional test methods require corresponding test fixtures and professional test equipment for the tested module, which is costly. Especially for the test of the bit error rate, it is often necessary to establish a suitable test system. At the same time, limited by the hardware conditions, it is difficult to simulate the actual working environment during the test process.

OptiSystem software is an optical communication system simulation software, which can be used to complete various functions such as design, testing and optimization of various types of optical communication systems. The software can be used to simulate various types of optical transmission systems, and to simulate and test optical transmission modules under different conditions.

Using the simulation method can avoid the limitation of hardware conditions, and the optical module can also be tested in the absence of corresponding test equipment and test fixtures. In addition, the device design parameters can be adjusted at any time in the simulation, a larger amount of data can be obtained in a short time, and the influence of parameter changes on the results can be observed intuitively, and the influence of design parameters on the signal transmission quality can be analyzed accordingly.

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