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What Services Does a Local
SEO Marketing Company Provide?

Local SEO

The increasing number of people searching on their mobiles + brands investing in improving their local SEO = a recipe for high competition.

With Google's local pack, the race to win the top position can become even more competitive. The local pack is the first section of search results in Google which highlights three (earlier, seven) local businesses related to a search.

This becomes incredibly convenient for mobile users to search for a business near them. It also becomes especially competitive as these results also include ads.

But don't fret just yet. An expert local SEO agency can save the day! Let's understand how they help your business rank on top for local searches:

Optimizing Google My Business

A local SEO company understands how important an optimized GMB profile can be for your ranking.

They optimize categories within your GMB account to ensure all relevant categories are selected. They know what your customers are searching for, and that way, they can select few but accurate categories for your business.

Additionally, they can help you add high-quality images to showcase your location, products, staff, etc., to establish credibility. This also helps your brand become more inviting to your customers.

Bing Places For Business + Other Directories

While it's true that Google is the #1 search engine, but Bing also has a high market share. That's why your business needs to be optimized for the search engine. A local SEO company can do this for you and more.

They can list your brand on popular online directories like:

  • Apple Maps.
  • Yellowpages.
  • Foursquare.
  • Yahoo Localworks.

Additionally, a local SEO company could help get your business on local review sites like:

  • Angie's List.
  • BBB.
  • Yelp.
  • Glassdoor.

The more relevant places you're in, the better. A local SEO company can help your brand show up in all places your customers look for your services.

Structured Data Markup

An expert local SEO marketing company uses structured data markups to optimize the following fields within your website:

  • Multiple departments.
  • Hours.
  • Address.
  • Menu.
  • Website.
  • Phone number.

An agency worth their salt knows the current trends, so you always rank above your competition.

Click-Through Rates from Search Results

Did you know that the first organic search result gets almost 32% CTR? It's no surprise that the brands that invest in SEO get a higher ROI. The best local SEO companies can help you do well in local search by optimizing your meta-titles and descriptions, increasing your CTR.

Localized Content

A local search engine optimization company consistently publishes content rich in location-based keywords that your potential customers actively search for, so your website ranks higher. This way they use on-page location optimized keywords and improve your brand visibility.

High-Quality, Diverse Inbound Links From Local Relevant Sites

An expert local SEO agency knows how important getting links from sites that Google trusts are for your SEO. They are experts at reaching out to relevant and authoritative sites in your niche, so you have a diverse range of inbound links on your website.

Not just this, getting inbound links from local news sites or community blogs can especially help communicate with Google that your local community trusts your brand.

Inbound Using Local + Keyword in Anchor Text

The best local SEO services include getting you inbound links from a high domain authority site containing your locality (city or community) and your main key term.

Proximity to the Searcher

Google bots use your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) while fetching results to your potential customers' queries. This is why having an optimized Google My Business profile is crucial. Even affordable local SEO services include optimizing your GMB page. And this can make a lot of difference in your ranking.

Domain Authority of Your Website

According to a study by Moz in 2018, your domain authority (don't confuse for DA) is the sixth most important local ranking factor of the top 50 Local Pack Finder Factors. A local SEO company can help you optimize and strengthen the domain authority of your website by:

  • Improving your off-page SEO efforts
  • Optimizing your on-page SEO
  • Making your website responsive
  • Improving your site's loading speed
  • Increasing social signals on your website


  • Google My Business profile is of utmost importance when it comes to local SEO efforts. An agency specializing in providing the best local SEO services knows full well the rigors it takes to optimize your GMB profile.
  • Understanding that local SEO is not just a one-dimensional strategy. It's a set of holistic SEO practices with consistent optimizations that help you rank in the top three results on the local pack.

While local SEO is a highly competitive field, understanding that these tweaks and finding your niche can establish your brand in the top position can be a game-changer. That's why you want to partner with an expert local SEO agency because they can consistently do all the nitty-gritty technical optimizations required for your brand to boom. What's holding you back? Hire an expert now!

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