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SEO Writing and Copywriting:
Ultimate Guide to Merge Both


Copywriters get stuck when finding the answer to this question: Which writing should they prefer online? - SEO Writing or Copywriting?

If you’re wondering Why Not Both? Then it’s time to pat yourself on the back because you’re among those intellectuals who can take conquering search engines and people’s minds simultaneously!

Not sure where to start? Let’s discuss the basics first.

SEO Writing vs. Copywriting: Which One is Better?

Copywriting has been a foremost skill in the media industry. With the digital evolution, search engines developed their own advanced algorithms according to which content started ranking.

Although SEO Writing is necessary to seek the attention of search engine crawlers, copywriting remains the most prominent sales and marketing skill. In short,

  • Without SEO Writing, your content will not show up in return for the relevant keywords
  • Without copywriting, you won’t turn your prospects into potential customers

Can you survive in the digital medium without any of them?

Umm, Not Really…

No matter how much your content gives value to your readers, if it is undiscoverable, then you won’t receive any leads.

What do we call a SUPERMAN who can effectively take on search engines and produce valuable content? An SEO Copywriter!

How to Be a Perfect SEO Copywriter?

SEO Copywriter is the one who perfectly balances content value with Google’s search algorithms to generate meaningful traffic. He or she has to have a multidimensional thought process with the ultimate creativity to succeed in both the playgrounds.

To be an effective SEO copywriter, you must:

  1. Try to use relevant keywords in your content
  2. Pull-in readers’ interest and build authority
  3. Create a search engine friendly structure
  4. Convert prospects by driving them through a call to action
  5. Build trust among your readers

You can make yourself capable of completing the tasks mentioned above by following these SEO copywriting tips.

Know Your Target Audience

Your target audience is your key to reach potential customers. An SEO copywriter must know each and every detail about them to ensure that the content delivers the right message to the right people.

Your tone as a copywriter should align with your objective and target audience.

SEO writers often forget the idea that they are writing for human beings too...


Research Relevant Keywords

Keyword Research is the most crucial and basic step in SEO Writing.

There are hundreds of free keyword research tools available to find low competitive keywords yet with good search volume. As an SEO copywriter, your job is to curate content smartly with keywords in such a way that they don’t look stuffed.

Advice: Keyword Stuffing is an unethical way and can bring negative SEO for your website.

Optimize Headlines

Keep in mind that “Your first impression is often your last impression.”

Your headlines are the most prominent thing in your content, and therefore, they should catch the eyes of the readers by just a glance.

Here are a few things you can sprinkle in your headlines to make them better.

  • Use numbers at the very beginning of the title (e.g., 9 Common Mistakes Made By Digital Marketers)
  • Be specific to solve the reader’s problem (e.g., Daily Habits to Stop Back Pain Forever)
  • Make How-to guides (e.g., How to Lose Belly Fat)

Remember that your web page’s click-through rate (CTR) extremely relies on the effort you put in your headline.

Making Internal and External Links

For an SEO expert, backlinks are always something to worry about. However, you can create useful linking structure by:

  • Internal linking your content to related articles or web pages that you’ve already published
  • External linking relevant keywords to more detailed guides or videos
  • Internal linking anchor text to maintain the natural flow of the content

Pro tip: This linking technique often brings a healthy number of social shares, comments, and leads.

SEO Copywriting: The Way Forward

SEO copywriters must update themselves as search engines launch their brand new updates to learn the latest SEO techniques.

Hence, the job of an SEO copywriter is dynamic and full of thrilling rides.

As always, we would love to hear about your SEO copywriting strategies that you’ve used in your content marketing journeys.

Author’s bio:

Miguel Bratos works as a Spanish freelance copywriter in Spanish Writer Pro. He worked as a Sociology teacher in the University of Valladolid, but decided to change his career towards something giving him more freedom. Now, he has more than five years experience writing website content.

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